A Brilliant Duo

Have you ever found your favorite song not listenable at times? I have many in that category, but timeless Gulzar- RD Burman songs almost never fail to deliver. Every time, I cannot help thinking about how remarkably these songs have been created.

GGulzarulzar-RD Burman is a combo much spoken about. And Asha’s voice is the icing on the cake. Chhoti si kahani from Ijaazat is effervescent sounding with an underlying tinge of nostalgia, just like the effect of rainfall on your mind. The use of Asha’s own voice as a background vocal has been well unified. This is one of the examples of the many RD songs in which music did justice to Gulzar’s delightful lyrics.

“Katra katra milti hai “is another absolute favorite. Like Chhoti si kahani, dual vocal of a single singer has been used, but not only as a background vocal this time. I believe this has a greater impact –almost like feeling of talking to oneself.

Right from the starting line “Katra katra milti hai” to the three stanzas of the song, every line is an exemplar of “subtle expression”. Subtlety is his forte and Gulzar is a master of this art truly.

Kabhi to kuch aisa hi aisa hi huwa tha
Neend mein phir tumne jab chhuwa tha
Girte girte bahon mein bachee mein
Sapney pe paun pad gaya tha

Tumne to aakash bichhaaya
Mere nangain pairon mein zameen hai
Paake bhi tumhaare aarzoon ho
Shayad aise zindagi haseen hai

Halke halke kohre ki dhuwein mein
Shayad aasman tak aagayi hoon
Teri do nigahon ke sahaare
Dekho to kahaan tak aagayi hoon

I can’t even imagine how he comes up with lines like “Sapney pe paun pad gaya tha” – a beautiful simple sounding phrase but not ordinarily used.

One of my favourite RD-Gulzar songs with Lata, is “Tuhjse naaraz zindagi” from Masoom, which aptly fits the storyline of the movie. Otherwise also, it is befitting most people’s life. Nobody plans for sad things to unfold in life. But when unfortunate things happen, we tend to question life/fate. Gulzar has beautifully depicted this in word, particularly in these lines.

Jeene ke liye socha hi nahin, dard sambhaalne honge
Mushkuraye to mushkuraanein ke karz utaarne honge
Mushkuraayein to lagta hai, jaise honthon pe karz rakha hai

And we can’t undermine the RD’s music which, without even sounding typically melancholic, is perfect for the lyrics.

Aajkal paon zameen pe from Ghar is closest to my heart. This song describes what is to be on cloud nine!!

Neend si rehti hai, halka sa nasha rehta hai
Raat din aankhon mein ek chehraa basaa rahtaa hai
Parr lagi aankhon ko dekhaa hai kabhi udte huye

Jaane kya hota hai har baat pe kuchh hota hai
Din mein kuchh hota hai aur raat mein kuchh hota hai
thaam lena jo kabhi dekho hamein udte huye

If you pay attention to the lyrics, you will experience the pure bliss of falling in love. I didn’t find a song as beautifully narrating the feeling to be madly in love, so much that I end up feeling sad recounting the happy memories associated with the song in sadder times.

There are many precious gems from this duo like Tere bina jaaye na from Ghar, Do naina aur ek kahani from Masoom, Piya baawari from Khoobsurat, Roz roz ankhon tale from Jeeva , Naam gum jayega and ek hi khwaab kai baar, Aane wala pal from Golmaal  from Kinara  and all songs of Ijaazat, Masoom and Aandhi.

My list is of course not exhaustive and I am no expert to judge which of their songs is the best but these are just the honest emotions evoked by these songs.

Do let me know if you come across a less-popular but beautiful song from the duo.


To save my day

On idle sundays
Of hot summers
Whirling sound of fan
Newspaper flapping dully
Dog snoring gently by my feet
Your  refreshing presence
To save my day
From futility
Is all I want

On busy days
mindless chatters of people
mad rush of work
churning out of emails
Deadlines and dead souls
Calling it a day
In your comforting arms
Is all I want

Keep burning..

I wish I can open my heart
But, I am tied by the void of time
As sterile as ashes,
I lay still
Is it the same heart
inflamed in love?
The facts grew stronger
The magic blotted out
Are you disappointed by this?
I sometimes try
To write a line
of my cheesy love poetry
To enkindle my belief
That you were not meant
To be snuffed out
So easily
Keep burning in my heart

Rehna tu translation

A non-hindi speaking friend of mine had asked me the meaning of “Rehna tu” song from Delhi-6. Since I love translating songs, I couldn’t stop myself from translating it instantly. Prasoon Joshi’s great as ever. Without much frill, posting the translation. I am not much clear about the deeper meaning of the last stanza. Any suggestion people?

Rehna tu, Hai jaisa tu
Stay as you are
Thoda sa dard tu, Thoda Sukun
A little pain, a little relief
Rehna Tu, Hai Jaisa Tu
Stay as you are
Dheema Dheema jhonka, Ya phir junoon
A gentle breeze, a strong gust of wind
Thoda sa resham, Tu hamdam
A little silky, you are my love
Thoda sa khurdura
A little rough
Kabhi tu adh jaaye, Ya ladh jaaye
Sometimes you are stubborn, Sometimes you end up fighting
Ya khushboo se bhara
Sometimes (you are) full of fragrance (sweetness)
Tujhe badalna na chahoon
Don’t want to change you
Rati bhar bhi sanam
Not even a bit
Bina sajawat milawat
Undecorated, Unaltered
Na zyaada na hi kam
Neither more nor less
Tuhje chaahon, jaisa hai tu
I like you, just the way you are
Mujhe teree barish mein beegna hai ghuljana hai
I want to drench myself in rain (of your love).. I seek union with you

Tujhe chaahon, jaisa hai tu
I like you, just the way you are
Mujhe tere lapat mein jalna rakh ho jana hai
I want to get burnt in your tresses…burn away to ashes
Tu zakham de agar
If you torment me,
Marham bhi aakar tu lagaaye
You soothe me too
Zakham mein bhi mujhko pyaar aaye
Even in pain, I find you adorable

Dariya oooo dariya
Doobne de mujhe dariya
Doobne de mujhe dariya
Let me sink in your love (river-like)
Rehna Tu, Hai Jaisa Tu
Stay as you are

Thoda sa dard tu, Thoda Sukun
A little pain, a little relief
Rehna Tu, Hai Jaisa Tu
Dheema Dheema jhonka, Ya phir junoon
A gentle light breeze or a strong gust of wind

Haath thaam chalna ho
If we hold hands and walk
To dono ke daye haath sang kaise
Then how our right hands will be intertwined
Haath thaam chalna ho
If we hold our hands
To dono ke daye haath sang kaise
Then how our right hands will be intertwined
Ek daaya hoga, ek baaiya hoga
Only the left and right hands can join
Tham le, haath yeh thaam le
Hold my hands…hold my hands dear
Chalna hai sang thaam le
Hold my hands…in the journey (of life)

Effortless writing – Does it come naturally?

I am not a writer in the true sense, but my job(s) has been closely related to writing. I came to this field by chance and I am quite fond of it by now. Some people may consider it (my job) as writing. I know it is not. I consider people who can create wonders with words as true writers. I am just stuck in a writing mode. Sometimes, I am even tired of writing. Writing does not come naturally to me. I am jealous of the ones who write effortlessly. But, I secretly harbor the dream of being one (not a secret anymore).

My writing sucks. I lack vocabulary skills. I have to open a synonym-finder to search better words many times every time, which makes writing so technical. I don’t prefer it that way. Some people have inborn talent of their brains feeding their writing – right words at the right time. I wish my brain also works that way. Sometimes, I wish to join a creative writing course. But, will that really help? Ability to write seems to be an innate talent. I have my own doubts if it can be established by conditioning or learning. At the most, I believe the natural talent can be refined.

One thing I dislike is planning before writing. Some people say – it works better that way. It works for technical stuffs, like scientific writing. Planning where to write what takes away all the fun for me.

I am perpetually suffering from writer’s block. I have so much going inside my mind, but I find it difficult to put into words. The previous sentence can be written in a better way: My mind is oozing with ideas, but it’s difficult to translate them into words. Though it’s not the best way, I have to put some effort to make it sound better. Do all good writers have to put some extra effort too or their first draft is good enough to be the final?

These wonderful quotes sum it all about writing:

Forget all the rules. Forget about being published. Write for yourself and celebrate writing.~ Melinda Haynes

My purpose is to entertain myself first and other people secondly.~ John D. MacDonald

In my experience, the best creative work is never done when  one is unhappy.~ Albert Einstein

It’s better to write about things you feel than about things you know about.~ L P. Hartley

The faster I write the better my output. If I’m going slow, I’m in trouble. It means I’m pushing the words instead of being pulled by them.~ Raymond Chandler

Hardly anybody ever writes anything nice about introverts. Extroverts rule. This is rather odd when you realise that about nineteen writers out of twenty are introverts. We are been taught to be ashamed of not being ‘outgoing’. But a writer’s job is ingoing.~ Ursula K. LeGuin

The secret of becoming a writer is to write, write and keep on writing.~ Ken MacLeod

I can’t help but to write, I have a inner need for it. If I’m not in the middle of some literary project, I’m utterly lost, unhappy and distressed. As soon as I get started, I calm down.~ Kaari Utrio

BBB is 2!!

I can recall an old quote about Love/Friendship:
Love is easy to start, difficult to maintain. And impossible to forget!

I feel it’s same about blogging too and my lack of post confirms this. Blogging regularly doesn’t come easy to me….Nevertheless, I am grateful that I have such a good platform to vent out my thoughts when I feel strong about something (rare these days).

One more year added yesterday…I wish a long life for our blog. May posts and comments flow….

Happy 2nd blogiversary/blogoversary/birthday to BBB!! 🙂

Some quick stats:

Visitors: 69,728
Posts: 123
Comments: 440

New-age friendship

Most people cherish their age of innocence – their growing-up days.  Friends play a significant role in making those days memorable. You hold on to the memories but your friends keep on fading from your life. They may be life-long residents in your mind but unfortunately, most of us don’t seem to make a genuine effort to reach out to them. Or we get discouraged by failed attempt to connect to lost friend as before. With ever-growing distance and time, the wall between friends keeps building on its own to become an unbreakable barrier. Promises were made to meet again when you met your childhood friend(s) last. But, did you ever realize that it could be the last meet in your lifetime? Most of the time, meeting old friends again just remains a distant unrealized dream. Other priorities in life outstrip the dream and friendship is reduced to minuscule blips in the radar of life gradually.

When spirit-breaking daily grind wears you down and monotonous lackluster life bores you to no end, you crave for a change. You remember the carefree golden days spent with friends. You start looking for that pure friendship devoid of selfishness in people around you. You are on a look-out for simple pleasures of friendship. You understand perfectly that you won’t get it now because friendship is a something which gradually loses its meaning as one grows up. It is foolishness to expect true friendship in this self-absorbed generation. Still your subconscious mind keeps searching for it – only to get a taste of reality dose – time and time again. Life smirks at you – teaches you a lesson yet again – “Grow up! When will you learn? Friendship is seriously overrated!! ”