Open letter to Suman Chatterjee aka Kabir Suman

I was sixteen when I first heard your song. It was, ironically in a CPIM’s meeting at Brigade Parade Ground. I have always been politically conscious, but never involved in active politics. The only reason me and my friend went to the Brigade, was to watch Utpal Dutt’s play (most probably ‘Tiner Taloar’). It was getting late, and as usual, the play was delayed. We decided to abandon the plan and go home. We had to pass through the front of the podium to go out. Then suddenly one guy with a guitar, started a song – ‘Haal cherona bondhu…” (don’t give up my friend…). We stopped…and keep on listening to your songs, one after another…for another hour.

I am still standing there.

Correction, I was still standing there, until recently, when you decided to run for the election as a Trinamul candidate!

I have all the songs sung by you. From ‘92 to 98, I went to at least 50 of your live performances. Anywhere you performed, from Kalamandir to Girish Mancha, I was there. In fact, one of the main reason I started this blog, bigbangbong, is to translate your songs for one of my non-bengali friends.

I never judged you by the context of your personal life, only formed your image in my mind by your songs. Turmoils in your personal life never touched me. Neither I was surprised when CPIM (and their nasty sidekicks) tried to run the dirty character assassination campaign against you. Given their track record, it was bound to happen sooner or later. I never met you personally either. There were many opportunities, I never wanted to. Near Asuthosh college, we were returning from tuition – I saw you at the sweet shop. All my friends rushed to get your autograph. I didn’t. Years later, you were waiting at Dumdum Airport, for a Biman Bangadesh flight to Dhaka, I was waiting there for my flight to Singapore. I felt like going in front of you and say ‘do you know that, whatever I am today, my sense, my soul, you have a huge contribution to that’. I couldn’t. I was scared, what if Suman in person change my perspective of of Suman the singer and one of the building blocks of my life?

And now, you are running for a political chair, as a Trinamul Congress candidate, shoulder to shoulder with Mamta Banerjee! With one statement, with one news – you just massacred one part of my identity. Your political viewpoint and actions are not a matter of your personal choice only, they are the foundations of your songs.

Don’t get me wrong here, I would’ve been same way disappointed, if you decided to run for CPIM. Also, I strongly believe that mass de-politicalization of youth is one big reason of the political downfall of India. But, Trinamul Congress? Why Sumon, why? ‘Enemy of my enemy is my friend’ – is such a medieval sentiment!

I am deleting all your songs from my music library. Thank goodness I don’t have the disks and cassettes here with me – I would’ve shattered them in thousand pieces by now. Thanks for destroying one huge portion of my identity. One thing at least I learned in my 33 years of lifeform – everything changes, still somehow having problems internalizing this!

Dekhte dekhte shaab palte jai


75 thoughts on “Open letter to Suman Chatterjee aka Kabir Suman

  1. My regard for this man has gone up after he decided to take on the brutalizers of Nandigram in an democratic battle – he may win, he may lose- but he cares for the people.

    1. Battle for justice is all great only when you battle beside and for the right people. Do you really think “Dr.” Mamata B. is kind of people associated with phrases like ‘Shrenihin Somajer chiro bashonai’…?

      Most probably you never heard of Sumon’s ‘campaign’ song for CPIM once, against Narasimha Rao Govt. “Dulche Tomar Sako..”.

      Alas Sumon…your ‘Din bodol’er gaan ended up in a battle alongside of didi.

      In a way – you made them (CPIM) the winner.

    2. HE CARES FOR PEOPLE !!! Ke? Kabir Suman!!!
      Plz ask him to take good care of his ailing wife first.
      The latest wife, i mean to say!!! I dont know much about his early Fives

      1. Completely agreed with Kingshook Roy. When Sabina Yasmeen (his latest wife.. don’t how many previous wives he got) was severely sick, was taken to Singapore for further traetment, Sumon was never there for her. (You can check the newspapers).

        His concept was like ‘adhunik nogor baoul’. Gaan, kobita niye bhaben, desh niye bhaben, shomaj/rajneeti niye bhaben… soto khato paribarik bishoye shomoy dewar shomoy kothai.. tahole desh niye bhabben

  2. Do you really feel “Je Jekhane Lore Jai Amader Lora”. Probably not.
    This is a movement where we want to punish CPIM. They are killing enmas.

    Don’t be stupid. We must make CPIM understand that everything what they do is acceptatble to people of bengal. This is a movement to destroy them. Whoever may come into power. We do not bother. Only thing we want to establish we can kill them if they kill us. Let it be established first. All bengali should participate in it. “Sathe nei panche nei bhadrolker chala. Nopungshaker dehe lajja thakte nei. Thappore hoye jag sodhbodh”

  3. Please read the following line
    “We must make CPIM understand that everything what they do is acceptatble to people of bengal.”
    “We must make CPIM understand that everything what they do is not acceptatble to people of bengal.”

    1. Santanu – I think you didn’t bother to read the complete post and jumped into conclusion (to the extend of calling me stupid). Read again – specially where I said “‘Enemy of my enemy is my friend’ – is such a medieval sentiment!”.

      I am not a ‘cadet’ of CPIM or something, I dislike most of their policies, but is Mamata is a viable alternative? Duh!

      BTW – where this ‘we’ came from? ‘You and Sumon’?

  4. I share your views completely. Recently when I saw some of Suman’s videos I was shocked. How could he make such vulgar videos with such weird lyrics. His videos disgusted me even if they may have pleased the supporters.

    I am not a CPIM supporter either but then I could have supported any alternative other than Suman and his great ‘didi’ in Kolkata. I don’t know whether they would be good or bad because they don’t have any agenda other than criticizing CPIM. They are just trying to take advantage of people frustrations and win elections. I am surprised people are allowing that to happen.

  5. Bhai Bigbangbong, Are u a student of science? I hope not, as if it is so then you should chenge your nick name. Bigbang means Zero, absolute nothing, total loss – which you are + bong! What does it mean dosto -inspired by Anjan Dutta !
    We know you and your associates. The most insignificant, escapist, psedo-intellectual, rootless clan of Bengal, who neither understand Tiner Talwar, nor Suman’s songs, but they pose, they do. Those who wear branded Tee inscribed image of Che Guevera, those who love to chat about global economic slow down over a bottle of Kingfisher premium, those who always feel jealous about the business class passengers of Sigapore airlines.
    Dosto, alternative has not being made, it is emerged. Please before weeping “why suman, why” just visit any small village of Bengal. I know you people don’t have courage to visit Nandigram / Singur/ Keshpur / Lalgarh, but still take out your loaded airconditioned car ( must be Alto) and take avisit in Sonarpur Block II /III/IV. Say around 20 kms – is it a little pressure for your monthly fuel budget!
    Just check how Mamata ( ur less Intellect, less English, less Cultured) has emerged as an only alternative to the poorest of the poor people.
    I know you are not a CPM, you will never be. To be a CPM ot anything else, a little sacrifice is needed.
    Dosto, you people can sacrifice only one item – that too in the toilet on the morning. Be yuppy, don’t try to be a politocal commentator – not your cup of tea.

    1. Dear Paji – first, thanks for a well written comment. Honestly!

      Just few clarifications, and some confessions.

      1. Sorry to burst your bubble, I am, in fact, a student of science, moreover (although I didn’t specialize in it), cosmology is my one of many interests. Big Bang is not only zero my friend, it’s also “birth” of our universe. Technically your mathematical deductions went complete kaput! Metaphorically – I get your point. I am replying to blog comments at 12:30 am. Can’t really claim my value more than zero.

      2. I don’t own a Che-T Shirt. Too many people wear it, fashion was never my cup of tea. I have Motorcycle Diary on my bookshelf though – does that qualify to put me in that ‘class’ you imagined where I belong to?

      3. I don’t need to be jealous about SIA business class – I can afford and do travel by that. So you can officially classify me as bourgeoisie now. Just to add more spice – make it NRI – non reliable Indian.

      4. ‘Kingfisher’ – ah man – miss that here for last 8 years! My beer days are over and can’t get Kingfisher outside India. So I settled for Black label. Would like to sit down with you over one or two, if we get a chance.

      5. “Alternative has not being made, it is emerged” – and any alternative is better than establishment – right?

      6. Mamata is not a person with less intellect etc. Sir! How can I dare to say that about a Doctorate from Georgia University!

      5. I would love to go on a road trip to Nandigram and all other places – with you, in my next trip to India. Although I don’t own an ‘Alto’ – but we can arrange something – can’t we? I can be all nostalgic about my third theater days too. I just got a goose bump thinking of the possibilities!

      6. “To be a CPM or anything else, a little sacrifice is needed.” – or anything else? You mean like a pimp or wholesale distributor of condoms? I think I am at least ‘something’ else – otherwise how I am still surviving? You meant political affiliation? Really you need to sacrifice to be a cadre? You really believe that? Come on – you are smarter than that.

      7. Shitting is no sacrifice man – that’s really one of the basic necessity. I know you tried hard to bring a Garcia Marquez quality ‘cold’ metaphor here, but, I beg to say – it was totally non poetic!

      8. I think you were so eager to express yourself – you didn’t bother to finish reading my post. I didn’t try to make a political commentary. My rage is personal. Completely and deeply personal. But I don’t think you will be able to comprehend that and have a level headed causality analysis – specially after reading your series of misfired assumptions.

      1. Nice reply to Paji. I share your rage BigBangBong. This is where it leads to…a brand of fanaticism (the leftist ones of CPI(M) kind) leading to counter-fanaticism. I even cannot articulate my rage; I refuse to articulate.
        I did spend the ’90s immersed within this man, I am so indebted to him for building my youth with his songs and vision (for fanatics like Paji, a small proof here: Condemned to be born). But this is sheer travesty! I am still indebted to his art, but for years I refuse to hear to his songs…they just keep on playing in my mind, not in my music-system. I accuse Kabir Suman of soiling my cherished memories about him.
        He was my God, my mentor, because of his art, his sheer audacity to voice himself against everything wrong, and…now this hurts…the leftist ideology implicit in his songs. The art is not functional in this latest avatar of the man, the courage reduced to baroque or ridiculous abuses and the last aspect is something his cronies are probably utterly ignorant of now. The ideology gone and poetry reduced to oral machismo…I have no regards for the middle-aged man now.
        It had been a learning experience for me. I outgrew him. Now I can refuse my mentor and still say he was one of the best singer-songwriters ever in Bengal. An individual he is, merely, not a strand of history I thought he was. Suman is my early youth, he is my past. He doesn’t belong to my present.
        When people’s power fails, it leads to fascism and autocratic lunacy. CPI(M) has failed, Mamata is coming. My poet is paving her way. Recalling Haraprasad from Ritwik Ghatak’s Subarnarekha, the idealist returned as an inverted fool, espousing inverted wisdom. That’s my poet now reduced to. And he is one of the most well-read Bengali of recent times; he knows that his ‘Jay Mamata’ sounds like ‘Heil Hitler’, he knows that.
        I refuse to even reply politically to Paji on what Trinamool, Sushil Samaj and their brand of protest are actually. I am not bragging; when Nandigram happened I also articulated my anger in a series of my posts. But these people’s rants are just dances of blind idiocy, they are just basking in the glory of newly learnt ‘relevant rantings’. Deshti itarer deshey porinoto hochhey. Saddens that my poet is also one of those Pied Pipers leading blind men. But okay…I have learned to be indifferent to my sadness.

        1. Thanks for the great comment my friend. Good to know that I am not alone. I don’t know how to make some imbeciles understand where it hurts. My first love letter had a long quote from Sumon’s song. I used to sing ‘Tui heshe uthlei..” (When you smile…) to my little daughter. So many of my glorious memories are not so pure any more…

          With your kind permission – I have to mention your awesome Condemned to be born

          Immortal, condemned to be born, I want to die someday in your arms
          I need you, need you, need you, as long my blood-lethe runs;
          Moments fleet like a lifetime, I am an eyeless zombeing on
          Images from a yesterlife, return of a prodigal son
          Urban breeze breathing over the skins of verses littering on the ground
          I need you, need you, need you, as long I remain the immortal one …
          Your man is gone in an unknown mission: I don’t know where I’m heading to
          Peneloping, stitching shreds of time and night-time unraveling: that is you;
          Or Orpheusinging, I am bringing your being back from heaven to earth

          Condemned to turn once: the sun’s flashdance! you are gone again, I am cursed
          The urban breeze whistles a tune of tease as the skull-with-a-face sing and mourn
          I will die once more in a street alone and instantly condemned to be born …
          The streets pick up newer names, as I gather newer poems, I surf the faces in the crowd
          You can’t recall me, I am still waiting, my face is fated to be found;
          The tale is told again, like a teardrop after rain (in a disdained window-pane) breaking in its weight
          The same old burn-out, the same old love-shroud, the same old deja-vu with my fate
          An urban breeze whispers that this release is just one lifetime less than what I knew
          As long I am condemned to be born yet again I need you, need you, I need you

          I need you just the way I did in my bygone lives, the way I pleaded: please please eagle-girl
          Come pick my eyes, as you did before, like shells on beaches; the waves unfurled
          Will witness my eyes burning again as they find my angel blooming ahead
          Love is blood-rose, petals and thorns, we will paint the cities red
          Jamming traffic, we will lock lips, taste the hemlock, blissful sin
          Urban gray-sky will receive earthlight from our kisses: Love is green
          Skybound you are too to bleach with azure hue the canvas of your firmament
          I am your dream, I am just a scream, ripping split open your existence
          When you’re blue again, sadness is my name, you are taking me as your man

          Ploughing your land I am born again, I am the carnival your king has banned
          I will be hunted down, sentenced by the crown; but since I’m just the king’s devil’s own
          I need you, need you, and I need you, as long I remain the immortal one …

  6. Well written Mr. Big Bong. Its true that anybody would get surprised to know Suman’s decision.Even I was when my girlfriend told me over the phone “tomar SUMAN jadavpur theke election lorche”. And most astonishing thing is the party he choosed to fought for.
    BUT, you could have written a few lines to advice SUMAN about “What to do”. Bengal needs a change that is admitted even by you but you haven’t suggested who will be the option? I don’t support mamata but isn’t it mean that we’re passively saying that CPIM is just fine there?
    At least SUMAN is not a hypocrite like other singers e.g. nachiketa, shilajit blah blah blah. He tried to do whatever he said through his songs. Life would have been easy for him if he spend his leisure moments watching BBC with wine glass or talking rubish in STAR ANANDA. But he is made of different material man. He bet his life and fought for the peoples of nandigram for month after month.
    I admit he is much better than you and me in every sphere. At least he never escaped from his duties.He always tried to say he is not hypocrite. As a citizen (born) of bengal we have some duties for the people of bengal. But what do we do? Usually watches nandigram telecast at TV with some melodrama type expression (“Oh GOD”, “Horrible”).
    Contesting election from trinamul is a pathetic decisi0n but I think he had no other option available.
    But it has been proved that he writes his songs right from his heart. And that’s enough to deserve a salute from the people of bengal.

  7. you r not alone, bigbong, even i owe a part of my conciousness, my conscience to this man. I grew up listening to His songs, sometimes crying sometimes filled with determination, emotionally touched whenever i listened to his songs. Still now pages of my adolescent diaries show a number of unsent letters written to him. Still now his lines “chhele belar sei behala bajano lokta” makes me nostalgic for my school days, and even today i sang his eng song “wish you were here” to my girl a thousand miles away.
    But the person suman has always been an enigma. How much ever u adore his songs, his deeds in his public life (as well as personal, but lets not talk about it) has been distasteful. From showing his bum in stage show to taking resort of gimmics like “this is going to be my last performance” for publicity- you simply can not defend him. And people like us, his die hard fans had to digest a lot of criticism for taking his side. so there was a time we just settled for the agreement “we r interested only in his music and not in suman the person”.” But how many times can one man turn his head? ”
    by deciding to contest he has proven whatever he had believed, and spread through his songs amongst us has little significance for him now. what does he believe? We dont know. Nowadays his interviews seem like political speeches, full of dramatic actions, yet sounding very hollow. What has happened to the guy who used to force us to dream of a better tomorrow? (din bodoler swopnotake hariye phelona)
    Actually this man is spent, used up all his magical talent, and he is unable to come in terms with that. That is why he behaves this way. The current teenagers do not listen to his songs, his albums do not sell (althoug i buy each one of them), his performance in visual media brings lukewarm responses.. And more he gets frustrated the more drastic steps he takes for publicity.
    Otherwise what was the need for him to attach himself with TMC? His songs and that party are two completely different brands. I doubt how many of his songs mrs Bannerjee has listened. If he wanted to do something for the society he could have done it in many other ways. What has he done for the locality he is contesting from? With no experience in administration what good will he do if he comes into power? That is, if he comes to power. Im no CPM fan but i dont think he will be able to defeat the MP who is a veteran politician. If the point is not winning, but to register a protest, he could hv just stood as an independant candidate. By converting as a TMC candidate he is attaching himself with their mindless abhadra politics, and registering his support for everything the party has ever done.
    I hope he understands this. I hope he atleast raise his voices within the party for the wrongs they have done. “bharsa thakuk”. But i know, he is finished. He is a different man, not the guy we worshipped when we grew up. He has changed.
    “ajke j beporowa unmad/ ghor sangsari habe kal se..”

  8. Thanks to all for real insightful and analytical comments. Really appreciate it. Doesn’t matter your thought processes are similar to me or not, there are eclectic thoughts and emotional capitals backing up all of your comments – as a blogger I can’t ask for more. This is a ‘uh-huh’ moment for me at BigBangBong, a platform for deep conversations, which makes the efforts all worthy.

    @Anirban – as I mentioned, anti-establishment revolution can not be opportunistic, and enemy of my enemy is my friend is a medieval sentiment. If the origin of ‘revolution’ is only restricted to predefined framework, with preconceived notions of choices – how much chances of success you expect? Any alternative is OK? Specially ‘didi’? If you needed a platform to protest – and want to make a difference, why you have to tag along? Why not start by yourself? Symbolic representation? With Trinamul? Duh! It’s the same person who went to Nicaragua and wrote a book!

    @sadakalo – I can’t articulate my emotions better. Thanks my friend!

    1. Bhai Bigbangbong (I repeat total zero), shall definitely interact in detail till 13 th May, the last date of W.Bengal election – after all one should use all global platforms including your blog at this critical period. Right now, some anecdotes:

      Thanks for accepting my judgement about your class character. Ha!Ha!

      Nothing is personal. A personal person never opens blog. Most probably you have a scholorly manuscript and can’t get a publisher! So you need a blog! It’s inexpensive indeed. Ha!Ha!

      Hope you would rather prefer Sri (Dr) Pabitra Sarkar, the leftist linguist, who failed to provide his foreign university Ph.D certifiacte when challenged. He was a Vice Chancellor. Ha!Ha!

      Come on – forget Suman, it’s a rapid fire round –

      Do you hate condom -selling ? Yes/No

      Do you hate political cadres ? Yes/No

      Do you hate Naxalites ? Yes /No

      Do you love the concept Brand Buddha ? Yes /No

      Do you believe Nano’s withdrawl is a nail on the coffin for W.B. ? Yes /No

      Those are enough to identify you more. Though you have done a mistake my dosto – exposing your Third theatre background. A godd hint to identify the bigbangbangbang.
      1. Don’t read Marquez & all those books. It will confuse you more.
      2. Don’t reponse to the Sycophants. Yes, on this point, I agree with you – they are reallly imbeciles. Ha! Ha!

      1. Dear ‘Sycophant’ Paji. First, congratulation on your self discovery. As ‘veda’ said – ‘Atmanam Biddhi’ (Know thyself) – you are in your first track to nirvana!

        For reference

        sycophant |ˈsikəfənt; -ˌfant|
        a person who acts obsequiously toward someone in order to gain advantage; a servile flatterer.

        Let’s start:

        1. “probably you have a scholorly manuscript and can’t get a publisher” – Don’t make stupid spelling mistakes (scholarly ‘scholorly‘) it makes your ‘critical’ arguments look cheap. I published 3 patents and 10+ research papers. This is my ‘rant’ blog (multi-author). My 5 years old work and research related blog is hosted by Deakin University, Australia. You seriously believe, even at this era, bloggers are wannabe print media writers? You know the state of print media? Ever heard of Huffington Post?

        Another misfire! Tch-tch!

        So, it’s high time you should stop shooting from your ass. An important life lesson for you – Assumption is the mother of all Motherfu!@#$s!

        Seems like you don’t even know the perspective meanings of ‘personal’! Duh.

        Simple example – is marriage is a personal or a social affair?

        2. What’s up with those ‘HA HA’ – are you writing comments or script for a 80’s sitcom?

        3. Although mentioned and nullified before – you still want to stick to the point of ‘total zero’ – let it be. At least it’s better than your outbound negativity! Do a wikipedia search on black-hole. If it’s too tough for you, (’cause you mentioned Marquez will only confuse) ‘asshole’ will do too.

        4. NO I will not prefer Sri (Dr) Pabitra Sarkar either – and I said that clearly – are you kinda lost in augmented reality somewhere?

        5. Rapid fire round? Most of the time life is subjective – at least to a thoughtful person.

        6. What inference you got from my “Third theatre background” sir? I did proscenium theater too. Published multiple little magazines. What profiling you can derive from there?

        Please clarify!

        Eagerly waiting for your reply.

        Yours truly – BBB!

    2. Mr Bigbongbang

      Do you Know What you Know ? do u think what u think !
      The only thing worse than your logic is your manners. I have snipped away most of what you wrote, because, well… it didn’t really say anything. Your attempt at constructing a creative flame was pitiful.

  9. Dear Bigbang,
    We all are in the same boat. We know our state is in vulnerable position and need a change. But?? Who has got the time for these things yaar?
    And its absolutely impossible to start a revolution in Bengal while sitting in Ottawa. And one request to you. This is your blog. I commented here because of a single interest- the topic were interesting. Debating is OK but not in so personal level. It may happen that somebody thinks differently but that doesn’t mean u hv 2 respond in slang’s or flaunting Ur career.
    Its just a suggestion.

    1. Anirban – I believe you are somehow right.
      But do not agree with “Who has got the time for these things yaar” statement.

      First of all – I didn’t show any disrespect to you. My ‘counter shooting‘ was with Paji – where you are coming in the picture?

      I didn’t flaunt my career – I replied to Paji, ’cause the attack was personal. First time when he called me by names I was answering respectfully. But I have little patience with people who all ready to make assumptions and show all signs cynical impotence based on those faulty assumptions.

      Read his comment first – then my reply. Please.

      BTW – the Sumon I knew, would’ve never approved your word ‘yaar’. That kind language usage in a serious discussion is same as slang to me too. See, it’s all personal perspectives.

      And the matter is very personal to me. Period.

      1. I mean, really, stringing together a bunch of insults among a load of babbling was hardly effective… Maybe later in life, after you have learned to read, write, spell, and count, you will have more success. True, these are rudimentary skills that many of us “normal” people take for granted that everyone has an easy time of mastering. But we sometimes forget that there are “challenged” persons in this world who find these things more difficult. If I had known, that this was your case then I would have never read your post. It just wouldn’t have been “right”. Sort of like parking in a handicap space. I wish you the best of luck in the emotional, and social struggles that seem to be placing such a demand on you.
        Yes. To you Baldrick, the Renaissance was just something that happened to other people, wasn’t it?

  10. Yes I admit “Yaar” just not goes with this kinda discussion. U know what I usually never posts to others blogs. But I broken it with yours one cause I felt interested to talk with you. I never said that you attacked me. You know what there are several people who loves to make sarcastic remarks to others but its your test that how you encounter him.
    You are intelligent enough and I think U got me.

  11. Dear All
    Anirban / Dekhchitoke and all others –
    Hope you all have noticed that our bhai Big -bang- bang- bang’s choice of languages – Motherfucker / Asshole / Shooting from ass etc. This is his third theatre ( Jerzy Grotowsky / Dipak Majumder /Badal Sarkar /Prabir Guha) culture! Ha!Ha!
    We all know it’s natuaral when one looses defence and getting exposed in public. Ha! Ha!
    That was my sincere intention from the very begining as I consider it a moral responsibility to expose a politically incorrect person when he/she is trying to preach some nonsence in such a vulnerable time.
    Look, this non-resident has not even a minimum commitment to his/her land/birthplace, neither they care if our brothers and sisters are being stripped off from their land! Please beleive me all my friends – this class/genre /section of people even do not care to cast their vote if they stay in their Bengal now. They would rather prefer to stay as a 2nd class Slave in any insignificant city in Europe or US. Ha! Ha!
    Let us forget about him and let us use his blog for other serious putpose :

    1. I’m nobody – just a common man, but trust me, Kabir Suman will loose from Jadavpur seat. Sujan is a political person and Suman, completely non-political does not know the combating mechanism. Yes, he has shown his courage – but it is a war of numbers, where he will defeat. I can show you what kind of nasty email / pdf /website campaigns are being lodged against him, but it’s below my dignity.

    2. We are passing through an extremely vulnerable period in Bengal. 13 th is a D day for us. It is a day of our resistance against fascism, a day of out protest against land-snatching, a day of our conscience against state sponsored terrorism, a day of our unity against false claim of Silpayan.

    3. I’m fortunate thta I could address a group of highly sensitive people. I need no tell much. But cast your vote and tell your friends/relatives/associates to act positively on 13th. Quality of the alternative is always secondary, firstly we have to get rid of the rogues.

    4. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely – V.I.Lenin

    I’m available for any arguments till 13th.
    Regards to all.

  12. Dear all
    There are lot of typing /spelling mistakes in my previous Mega-Mail. I’m tn real hurry. Do you think I look ‘Cheap’ ! Ha! Ha!

  13. @dekchitoke – please have the guts to provide a proper URL to follow than I do hope both of your messages are more confused than you actually are.

    In case you didn’t notice – both of you, (Paji and you) diverted from original topic – ‘Sumon’, and started a personal attack on me. That exactly the purpose of your ‘class’ – there is no construction – only deconstruction. Your ‘didi’ also share the same source of inspiration – ‘they are bad’ is the only agenda – not ‘what can I do better’.

    BTW – about my manner – see it’s all matter of perspectives. To me a bad and loopy logic is worse than a bad word choice – you may think in different way – but I can’t help.

    @paji – glad to know you are available till 13th – hope to have many more round. You don’t have to make other listen about my manners or lack of it – you started the personal attack, deviating from the original topic – right.
    So here it goes – if you can’t stay in topic, and continue attacking me rather than debating about my viewpoints in this matter only- I will have to delete your comments hereafter.

    BTW – yes spelling mistakes and ‘haha’ makes you look cheap – seriously.

    1. There is no contradiction of my theatrical, cultural heritage with foul language. I believe you never got to read Kerouac or Ginsberg. So justifying my cultural background to you is useless. Moreover – can you point out one place where I called you by names? (that’s art of bitch-slapping, you are still kiddo on this). One thing I must admit – I had less expectations from a ‘didi-cadre’ – honestly, you surprised me.

    2. About my ‘non-resident’ status – in case you don’t know – Kabir Sumon was a NRI (living in Germany, last time I checked that’s somewhere in Europe) till his age of 42, I have still plenty of time to reach that age. By the way nationalism and quotation from Lenin can’t be in same paragraph. ‘World’s proletariat’s unite’ – can’t be within national and domestic range – but that’s another debate.

    3. “Let us forget about him and let us use his blog for other serious purpose :” You had to use my blog to say this. May I dare to sa – ‘ha-ha’?“Quality of the alternative is always secondary, firstly we have to get rid of the rogues.” – seriously you believe that?

    4. You didn’t get my point at all! Alas! I know if CPIM wins – nothing will be changed and there will be more degradation of Bengal in coming years. I just don’t believe ‘didi’ is a viable alternative. Moreover – this post was NOT my political manifesto – it was my statement to ‘Sumon’ and how I felt when he decided to run for Trinamool. In your last comment, finally you disclosed you are working for his campaign. Thanks for that.

    I sincerely hope that Sumon wins the seat – I want to see what he does after that – so, best of luck.

  14. ……. 2be conti…
    If there’s an idea in your head, it’s in solitary confinement. If you’re going to say something that ignorant, you could at least fake a stroke. If you knew what you’re talking about, you’d be dangerous. Oh well, as the late Douglas Adams said: “You live and learn. At any rate, you live.”

    1. Had to delete your last comment – I believe you can guess why.

      Last chance to you – talk to the point – not about me.

      Let me make it easier for you –
      Tell me why running for Trinamool is absolutely aligned with Sumon’s pre-declared ideology and all his songs written for 15+ years.
      I will delete – all other confused rantings. Sorry.

      Also – when you want to make a profound statement – don’t copy-paste! Here goes the original – just had to google few lines ( That shows how irrelevant you are.

      BTW – I hope you will be in WB on 13th, booked a ticket (Meerut to Kolkata) yet?

  15. Dear BBB,
    Looks like you are enjoying delicious company. 🙂 Take it as a minor entertainment.

    Looks like our Suman-sycophants (hell! I was ranked as one of the foremost just a decade back) arrived late in the scene. They are excited, buoyant under a paradigm which has shifted sadly.
    Bengal is in the threshold of its worst times. A rich poetic/political language has put itself into service to banal political endeavors. The language, the voice has lost its accountability forvever.
    Chaos will be unleashed. What would have developed into a positive political trend will degenerate into verbal and actual violence, the nature of which is vaguely indicated by the comments above. I am not against political aggression; but the sort verbally encouraged by our poet/songwriter is ominous, because it is mindless and lacks a vision. Irony! It is coming from a man who had the vision.
    If TMC comes to power, it will unleash violence, corruption and political vacuity of a worse sort than the one they are protesting against now. This is inevitable, because here is a party which is plainly ignorant of any political vision, if not pretentious of it like the CPI(M) and its ilk.
    Then, our intelligentsia will club against them too, against TMC atrocities! But I don’t think people will listen to them anymore. Accountability will be already something hopelessly lost. Intellectuals will be branded as sycophants already.
    Our friends are in a high! Good for them. High in words of protest, high in the ego-drive that they are ‘changing’ the face of Bengal. I got introduced to politics rather early at a precocious age. I had the opinion that a worker should be patient and should get himself rid of the fantasy that revolution will happen in his lifetime and he will bask in the glory of being a harbinger. Now I recall how my singer gave us the illusory high in air-conditioned Kalamandir that instant coffee might start brewing just now: “Ekhon-i shuru korun! Ekhanei shuru korun!”
    This is painful. The language is lost. The vision is gone. The chaos is on…and here are some juvenile souls in a high before the hangover that Bengal is happening!

  16. Bhai Bigbangbong
    May be it is our last interaction. Pls. note the following:

    1. I found your blog interesting, so I tried to incite as many as possible through it. Am I successful ? You decide. I’m a common man, a Haridas Pal- but definitely a propagator. You can call me a cmpaigner for TMC or a motherfucker – nothing will change my course of action. You have to bear all this if you really want to fight against the Kings.

    2. People of Lalgarh fight with rocket-launcher, because truely they have nothing to loose their chains. Believe me, they are hungry, truely hungry. Our communist rulers have looted even their basic food. We fight differently as we belong to a Civil Society. Role of a civil society is immense, only they could be a proper monitoring agency of State Power. Please check with the website of Dr. Debapriya Bhattacharya, Founder Director, Centre For Policy Dialogue, Bangladesh. I have met this person for several times and I believe, you will be amazed. Look how a Sushil Samaj could function in a state like Bangladesh.

    3. Some illiterate fools may ridicule the role of Civil Society- it is pardonable. But when a party of organised criminals, state sponsored terrorists like CPI (M) are trying to maling them, be alert. They have started killing Jews (you were not a Jew, just a conscious literate person), now they are at your doorstep to kill you.

    4. Dosto, jokes apart, I could feel your agony. You are staying outside your mother land, may be studing or something else, but you would like to gert aware about whwt is going around. Otherwise you will not interact after my inciting, you could earn some foreign currency if you spend time elsewhere. Dosto, I could come out from the hangover of Jack Kerouac /Allen Ginsberg /Jean Genet / Zen and the Motorcycle Maintenance / Sadipan / Mani da (Gautam Chatterjee) / Paban Baul / Utpal Kr Basu / Father Gaston Roberge – Ha! Ha! Most probably now we have something more serious things to do – at least now we should fight., at least once.

    4. Natinalism is the mother of all Leftism. Those who do not love his/her country, can not feel for the poorest of the poor. If there is no Subhash Ch Bose, there would not have been any Communist party in India. No Mujaffar Ahmed
    could make it – never.

    Regards Dosto.

    Sorry for Repetition
    Please do rember, Tomorrow 13 th is a day of our resistance against fascism, a day of our protest against land-snatching, a day of our conscience against state sponsored terrorism, a day of our unity against Criminalisation, Corruption and cheating our youth uttering false claims of Silpayan.

    Please cast your vote and tell your friends/relatives/associates to act positively on 13th. Quality of the alternative is always secondary, firstly we have to get rid of the rogues.

  17. Dear BBB, since I have subscribed to the comments in this post, I know the last comment by Paji also included some words for me. Did you edit it out? He suspected the appropriateness of my use of the word ‘harbinger’ in my last comment and had some very sweet words addressed to me… 🙂
    But since things have disappeared in the comment appearing in the blog…well…

    1. @Life’s Elsewhere Yes I had to edit some comments, as I asked everyone to stop making personal attacks. Thanks for your wonderful comments, subscribed to your blog by RSS feed.

      @Paji – today is your ‘D’ day. Wish you best of luck. Difference in viewpoint and moral compass aside – enjoyed interacting with you and do hope you will drop by here in future. I don’t think you really can feel my agony, neither I can agree on your terms of nationalism and again you made some wrong assumptions, but let it be. Cheers!

  18. Dear Friend,

    You have that rare ability of expressing yourself in a few words. That’s a good thing. Also, as i get from the post, you are quite a sensible young person and i do appreciate your sensibility. But, yes, BUT “sensibility” and “CPIM” just do not go together, especially in post-Singur West Bengal. You say you are not into party politics. But you are aware of politics. In that we two are same. But where i differ from you is that the CPIM myth that “Trinamool is the perty of hoodlums and loompens and they can only create chaos and nothing else” has never been able to engulf my rationale. You may not like Suman’s stand with the Trinamool Congress. But, my dear friend, what worse can any Party do to West Bengal after what the “leftist” “Marxist” “Communist” CPIM has done, at least for the last 15 years (if not more). So, it was only too natural that had Kabir Suman, or any other sensible person in the state, to decide to actively do something in this system, s/he will be party with the Trinammol Congress. Said that, i would again like to remind you that I am not at all into any Party Politics. I can only know about the political happenings in the state and around and assess them with my senses and my set of ethics and rationality. You like it or not, Trinamool was the obvious choice for him. Get yourself free from the ridiculous myths created by the cunningly lethal CPIM machinery and, once free, you too will assess that. Give them a chance. If they don’t perform, discard them. Post-Singur, Post-Nandigram, that single political party has developed into a movement – a movement of the people, by the people, for the people. And, i believe you are a Marxist in one way or the other, any humanist, any philanthropist, cannot but do anything to discard this “leftist” (?) rule in present West Bengal. Dear friend, i know you wont publish my comments in your blog. But, you can always mail me at my ID in case you have a debate ready at hand.
    And, Believe in “Where the mind is without fear…”

  19. Begining of an End…

    Salute to All,

    Without your active participation and support, this Historic Victory could not be achieved. People of Bengal have proved that,
    Paribartan(Change) is Possible, possible and possible.

    Nothing is infallible. Even Prophet could be overthrown.
    – Boris Pasternak

  20. Dear all, a clarification –
    Here prophet does not singnify any religion, it concerns all Institutional Heads, who behave like almighty.
    Have you read the books on Trotsky –

    The three-part biography of Leon Trotsky:

    THE PROPHET ARMED: TROTSKY, 1879-1921, 497 PP
    By Isaac Deutscher

    The prophets of Allinuddin Street are being in the process of Overthrown…
    Thanks Pasternak.

  21. Suman, let us talk about commanlities first…what do i have in common with surname, my cousin being too. Now, differences…well yes, Trinamool… But let’s not dig into that. Suman, those were the days when teens dreamt of revolution all around when you sang, loud or just in whispers. These are still the days when my song would slip into his world of dreams at bed with your songs ringing in his ears. But as parents when we sing we keep low key as you rightly said “slogan paalte hoye jaae fishfaash”… as if you could foresee the future of one of our commonalities, the sound of music. Trinamool, I understand, is getting back to the roots, of problems, disruptions, stagnancy, and then bloom as flowers…like your songs did…long time back.

    Now, we see you in poster, at one corner where you beg for political support from people who were already yours through your music…why did you have to crave, did you really realize lately that “prem paaltaae, shorir o paalte jaae…”. The corpus of the music lovers and their expressions have changed Suman, not because of your entering the political cauldron, but because of the sound of your music changing to noise. After all, “Jodi bhabo kincho amaai bhul bhebecho..”

    Votes are yours already, you don’t have to really go begging and seeking for it…all we need is you to go seeking for that Suman who once sang music with courage and created charisma…not with cowardice. After all Suman, if not you, I will have to justify the lullaby I sing to my song every night…Or else, he will say “raater kobita sesh kore daao…”. And I can alreay foresee the difference it is going to create in my life…

  22. Pretty stupid bong bong emotional foolish blog.
    The last line is superb: I am deleting songs blah blah blah…
    What a moron>>>>>>>>

    1. I wonder how far you can go when you are behind the veil of internet anonymity. Keep it up bro…BTW – I liked your definition “bong bong emotional foolish blog” – Thinking of changing the tagline to this.
      Cheers! 🙂

  23. Respected bigbangbong,
    The more I read what you’ve written,the more I get confused.I don’t know what you have opened the blog for.Is it to teach us how to use Caps Lock or tell us about your knowledge.It’s damn sheet.The more you think and write,the more you get deviated from the topic of discussion.
    I am a die-hard fan of Suman.Entering the field of Politics is nothing new to a person who had created innumerable songs on his political views. Suman is aperson who had always stood up against the wrong,he should not be judged by his companion Mamata(whom you think to be a fanatic).You did not have any obligation when you saw him first in a leftist brigade meeting.Why do you have it now then?Is it because he had gone against his former co-mates.Then same is your case.The man from whom you have drawn inspiration is now like your worst enemy because he has changed sides to fight against the wrong.
    Do you support what the leftist government is doing?Do you support their practices which are just contrary to what their ideals were.It may be your opinion that if we support the Trinamool,it will still be as bad.Same are my views.But we need to stand up against the fascist C.P.I.M government and give the opposition an opportunity because they have never got once.Do you think that the C.P.I.M corporaton under Bikash Bhattacharya is better than that of T.M.C’s under Subrata Mukherjee?Okay,let’s not get deviated from what your supposed basic topic is.
    Yes,it’s a social decision of Suman’s to join the politics but it his personal decision to be on the side of Mamata Banerjee.You may not like her but this can’t be the basis for your hatred towards the man whom you once loved and respected the most.
    When I read your blog I see you supporting the people who are of your view,not even thinking twice whether they are staunch supporters of communism which you say you are not,but showing utter disrespect for those who are not of your view.If this is what you have learnt from Suman,then it’s good for us that you are no longer a Suman fan.But still your hatred cannot dimilish the worth of his Lyrics,the value of his songs and the rich diversity he brought into Bengali songs.
    One kind request to you,please don’t take the pain of correcting my English because I have an English tutor who is taking care of this.The last lines,that you are deleting Suman’s songs from your music library shows us that you have never realized their worth because you may hate Suman as a person,but his lyrics are high above your narrow feelings and political views.Don’t take me otherwise,but after reading your blog I have only one thing to say,”Thou art a royal fool!”I’m intentionally using Shakespearean English to show respect to your vast knowledge.

  24. Suman is still there…u can still stand there where you were holding and conceiving an identity…sometimes, a man has to do what he is gotta do…if u look deep inside, u will know…u will…

    but as Abe Lincoln said: Never explain, your friends never need them, and your enemies wouldn’t believe them anyway…

    you gotta trust this man…if he is a part of ur identity…i am not saying blindly…but with a little more subtlety u know…

  25. dear bbb,

    “salam” from dhaka. i’m a neighbour and an “ex-suman-gurubhai” of yours 🙂
    interestingly, i bumped into your blog by virtue of google who gave your blog a hit from a search on “Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan”. unbelievable, aye?

    in any case, i usually don’t poke into controversies when it turns into a snowball-turned-avalanche (as this one had turned into apparently), and i have no intention to poke into this one either.. i simply wanted to share my views on the suman-turned-kabir-turned-trinamul versus his once-produced powerful music.

    ok, i share most of your views. i hadn’t known much of his political involvement in recent years, mainly because i simply don’t care. since suman’s post-Paagla-Shaanaai demise as a powerful musician (in my opinion, of course), i resorted to comfort myself with his old records, which, just like your experience – had deeply shaped my “hoye otha”. there’s unfortunately no good english transliteration of the word “obhimaan”… but that was exactly what i felt with suman’s downfall (or demise – as i term it). so you see, i discarded all his new records after one quick preview (except some “hothat jole otha tara” like anita dewan and nondigram). i got to hear tits and bits about his “degradation” and political confusion, but i meant to simply ignore those and somehow comfort myself saying that suman is dead – live with it!

    i still listen to (most of the titles of) his first 9 records and still hold them precious regardless of what he has apparently “turned into”. my logic is: when he produced those, he had the “agoon” and he meant it all well. if he had later turned out to be something beyond our expectation, too bad, but that doesn’t make those 9 amazing albums lose their value by any means. i do however understand your emotions. of course there’s no right or wrong when it comes to emotions or with opinions. it’s all good, buddy. i guess i’m just one of the “bheto bangali”s who are too emotional to let go odd their gool ol’ memoirs. i reject the present suman; i wasn’t able to reject what he was. somehow i guess it was easy for me to do.

    as i already said, this bit of comment of mine is by no means to argue, but simply to share my thoughts. it still fills me with great joy to strum my beat-up guitar and roar out “chhotto rajur chokh duto gechhe… howzthat”. still gives me goosebumps. i still crave to find someone to who’d be as crazy as me to roar out “borong kotho chharo jorey” or mellow out “chena chhobi- shopner laash”. had you not deleted/destroyed your suman records and been not so sore, maybe we could jam together :o)

    signing off now. really like your blog, bro! hats off! 🙂


  26. the comments placed here are aall polarized people in spite of their denial. Sri Suman Chattopadhyay , ur decision is true to fight for MP election because Raabindra nath told us” Choyti ritur ohule pholey bhortey hobey dala” jibon purnata pete gele sudhu criticism to the system korte gele hoy na, nadir o par taa dekhar o pryojon aachey. Tomay suman Chattopadhyay likhechi bole raag koro na kenona aamar mind set-up holo ” ke boleche aami hindu hole musalman hote pari na” erokom exclusive hobe keno. Dharma hochchey property jemon Light has both the property of wave and particle then what is the problem with human being to take double “dharma”.

  27. all our cherished Suman fans I express my gratitude..and thanks for stopping playing Suman on ur discs.As far I can remember,I was only in Class 4 when Tomake Chaii was released.At that tender age….I listened to it…and at an instant touched by its lyrics..and music.So,in a brief sense I was touched by not the man,but his music..his voice,his philosophy..his tune.At that time,nobody hardly felt necessary to explain me his past history..and even if they had done I wouldn’t have followed it as my political eyes were malnourished.Some years passed by,I attained maturity both in music understanding(I experimented with rock,jazz,blues,folk,celtic etc etc) and politics(Compared all of them to Hungry Dogs)…But between these yrs,His songs kept me going on…but on paper..his name changed and so his religion..Again no problem for me…But people kept on saying he is a culprit..dumped his wife,married a Muslim lady and eloped…Wat I’hv got to do with that..I respect the Musician Suman(don’t matter his name as long as he writes and sings by his own)..and may perhaps never liked the person Suman..though I’ve not met him personally to judge him of his reputation as a social resident….Again years passed by,Suman’s subject of songwriting swayed from his earlier albums…most of the time..politically biased..It was no more abt ‘amir tumir” more about “beporoya bicchu”..No more about “Pagol or Baanshuriya”..Instead Anti-Left sentiments came along…But it was not unexpected of him..As a journalist,belonging to VOA,if he can visit Nicaragua pleading a letter to Pete Seeger;Such a man would join a platform as a partisan against that party can be surprisingly guessed…..though shocking.From the beginning of his singing career,he sang protest songs against the Leftists…He didnt liked the so called Communists ruling WB for 33 yrs(He told it by himself in his docu:FREE TO SING)….But its also true uptil now that he is not good at it…Or-else who wud have the guts to protest against his own party’s misdeeds….Haven’t seen nething like this before from ne1..Foolish man!!
    Still neither tmc not cpm taught me to listen and value good music…Its my own..but still everyday I play his songs….I draw the pictures of his lyrics…I never intruded into the world of the person Suman..may h’ve not bothered to as long as I’m mesmerized by his classical guitaring alone!!!!His richness in knowledge,music & thoughts shadows everything…even the person.

  28. Many of us love Suman’s songs. Some words of these songs touch some hidden emotions of ours like “Kono din hoyto onno ar kono gaan, Taka-dum-tak-duma-dum niyom chhere manusher janye sudin anbe kere………” etc. To appreciate a verse, we don’t need to love the person who wrote it as it is believed that verses are supplied by God and written by humans. Hence, the media are not important. Like Kazi Nazrul said, ” Amay nahe go, bhalobasho shudhu, bhalobasho mor gaan”. Some times we have to rise above the persons.

  29. suto shesh? Sumanbabu MP hobar por blog-taye aar keu kichu niklo nako?
    tomra sob amon nithur kano ga?
    tomader ki ghorey ma-bon nei ga?

    1. Biswamitra – I would have really love to approve all your comments, but can’t really do that ’cause –

      – You are attacking many other commenters here. Who might not notice and counter-react to that. It’s unfair.
      – I don’t have time to response to all your real funny comments. Pity – I know. Loss is all mine.

      But thanks for wasting so much time of your life on this stupid blog.

  30. dear bigbang..have you been to Suman’s live prgrme’s after he joined TMC..?if not,i insist,try to gather information about his last prgrm at kalamandir,if u response,i would like to continue my discontinued reply….

  31. hi sir Mr. kabir Suman. sir i am ur big fan. sir me also residing in jadavpur area . so i am great fond of u sir. sir actually i am honoured and our committe is glad to invite you on the innaugral ceremony of our holy temple( sanjoganandogiri shtiti temple, nobogram,jhil road , goria) sir it will be our pleasure if you join us in this ceremony. the function is to be held on 26 may in goria………….. so sir think over it…… requested by Bijoynando giri & vivikanando giri…..

    1. Dear Pranay Babu

      Mr. Kabir Suman got nothing to do with this blog. Please send your request at his Facebook Fan page.
      If he really agrees to come for your temple inaugural ceremony, please ask him to sing ‘Bhogoban koto bhalo’, it’s a great devotional song.


  32. Hi,

    I was just looking for a Suman lyrics and suddenly came across this interesting discussion.
    To me Suman Chatterjee was one of those who supplied a lot of raw material to my soul and heart.I really owe him for what I think,what I do.
    But to me he died. Yeah, he died at the very moment he came into the same umbrella with some stupid politician. I could not fit those rebel words of Suman into the lips of this “DOLODAS”. So I preferred to believe,he died.
    To be honest my political view is very much frustrating. I can not see people whom I used to respect once getting sold to a foolish lady just because she is going to be the next CM in 2011. Star Ananda, Ananda Group or in true sense any news paper do not show us any news apolitically.They just package the news in such a way that it meets their political interest.We have lost the minimum right of truth from media just because everybody is sold to one or other.This lady can not do nothing better than a midium qulaity cheap drama.
    On the other hand I see the arrogance of 32 years which has taken away the minimum humanity from this old heads at Alimuddin. I feel pity for lonely Buddha who is fighting a battle which has already been lost.
    My point is can’t anybody be threre who hates both green and red brigrade. Suman could have shown us a much better way than doing the same old thing.
    Yes, i am upset with him and the present political scenario in West Bengal. Worse can not be an alatenative of bad. But that is what going to be.

  33. I came across this blog by chance and think I understand what most of you guys are trying to say. Suman for me is a part of life and will always be. How can his joining a political party and contesting election completely take away what he has done (and still doing)? As I am getting older, I am taking shelter in Suman (his songs) more often than before. Suman, the song writer is much above everything else. So my humble request is hold your angst, and keep listening to him.

    Tara ra jekhane akasher seemanaye mounomukhor sangeet hoye jaye / shei khane habe dyakha.

  34. Dear bigbangbong,

    I guess you are 35 now, and I am 37. I came across Suman in 1992 and immediately got stuck with him. I am (and was) not politically astute or active, didn’t read books on communism, didn’t really know the history of Bangladesh and India in depth. I did realize that Bangla music hasn’t seen anything like this before Suman came along. Two people really influenced and shaped my thinking and my mindset during my post-teen years: Shirshendu through his writing, and Suman with his lyrics.

    When Suman married Sabina and converted to Islam, I was shocked. I am a Muslim and I should have been happy about it. I wasn’t. I knew that Suman had something inside that he has successfully hidden from me, nd it didn never come out in his songs. I wish I could think like you, and separate his personal life from his songs. I simply couldn’t. The songs are a reflection of who he is. I cannot believe someone can lie in his songs for so many years. I was convinced that he has changed. This is the reason of my shock. Till then I would really keep asking the music stores to make sure that none of his albums go unnoticed by me. Everything changed. I stopped tracking his Albums. I moved to the US for studies. I’m glad I didn’t really track his activities anymore. This is why when I came to know that he became an MP, even without having knowledge on Trin. Congress I knew this is a changed Suman.

    I realize now that human beings are not infallible. They have errors, sometimes hidden diseases in the mind that may be concealed but may come out eventually. I thank Suman for some wonderful time from 1992-2000, when it was mostly unbearable for me to listen to any contemporary Western or Bangla music. His songs reflected my inner thoughts and feelings in an artistic, appropriate way. I am grateful to him for entertaining me. Deep inside, I still feel the pain, and I miss a new album from him. Sometimes when I am alone, I sing out his songs. I guess to me, the Suman I know is dead, and I have finally made peace with my mind.

    I googled Suman Chaterjee and came across this blog of yours, and I felt hey – this guy is speaking about what I feel inside. I never came across anyone with whom I had such similarity, as far as feelings about Suman and his music is considered. Just wanted to say hi to you and, if you allow me to say, “… Asha rakhi peye jabo baki du ana”.


  35. interesting discussions….
    a few observatons:

    1. Suman the musician, Suman the politician and Suman the person are different and should be treated separately.

    2. Any person cannot reach the epitome of success, credibility or popularity in all departments of his/her life, so with Suman.

    3. Leftist government had done no good for the years it ruled. In its last stint, it harmed Bengal in the real sense of the word. The people of Bengal were in a fix. They could not bring back the Leftists. Their sanity would have prevented voting for TMC. However, was there a third alternative? No. But to survive and to mitigate further harm and as immediate evasive measure, it had to be TMC.

    4.Suman the person is emotional and impulsive as we all know. He was moved by the Leftist barbarism. He wanted to protest. He had no platform. TMC, though not the best substitute, at least provided Suman with the much needed platform to stand by his conviction in raging war against the oppressive Left and do justice to his conscience. Did he do anything wrong? If he did, he is still paying for it by the numerous taunts, disregard and threats that he receives day in day out from the Leftists, the cadres of TMC and the people of Bengal who spit venom at his laughable decision to join politics giving holiday to logic and self secured way of living, for the remaining days of his life.

    This is my interpretation,subject to your views, comments and anecdotes. Thanks! -Riju

    1. Thanks for your comment Riju. As you can notice, the post is a bit dated, although comments still pour in everyday. Most of them are ‘hate-mails’ and extremely biased on either side. Yours is not. Thanks again

  36. It’s too late to post a comment on the issue you started. I think Suman is partially right and partially wrong. Whoever you are,whatever your political stand is ,you can never deny that a change was needed.
    Then who would make the change? DIDI??? Alas…..
    Do you really think that SHE would ever win the battle over C*M if Suman did not stand by her,Pratul Mukherjee had not sung for her?
    A huge mass was motivated by these statue of people. I think,he is neither with DIDI,nor with the concept ‘enemy’s enemy is my friend’, he is with the wave,that reaches a shore,free from terrorism of C*M…
    A request,don’t delete the songs, neither from records nor from your heart. It will be an injustice to your soul,to the songs,to us(lovers of the great composer)……..

  37. Hi BigBangBong
    I hope that now you’ll be a bit satisfied and happy with your childhood idol and mentor…he indeed had the guts to speak out against his political mentor. Just after the assembly elections in his video “Thus Spake Maqbool” he gave a brilliant example of physics in illustrating how “paglu” was the stage song in the victory programme of trinamul…”The liquid finds its own level” ……..His sarcasm is still sharpe…his mentor couldn’t stop his rebellous comments and asked forgiveness in jadavpur for allowing him to contest from her party…Bengal indeed is going through a very bad phase….6 rapes in 30 days ….which is frightening… Bengal turning into another Delhi…..then our CM’s comments accusing the victims of being pretentious and trying to malign her party…..her nephew bashing up policemen publicly and flaunting his relation………However I am trangressing from the point ..what I want to say is that Suman …or more aptly “your Suman” is reincarnating into his former self……Thank God…….(One more point he was very ill some days ago..his political mentor nor anyone from his party bothered to visit him in the hospital …he was quietly isited by his ‘harmad’ rival Sujon Chakraborty…Another thing your way of writing is simply splendid……also its heartening to see that though you are so far from your motherland your heart is still here….:)

  38. respected ,kabir-a name of heart,
    pranam naban. abni amar sabthaka pachandar singer.kintu ,ami khub batha paya chalam,jaba apni rajniti ta alan. o ta abnar boto vadra loke korana.
    abni parban didir moto jhuri jhuri mitha balta?apni parban rap hoyajoya mohila k dakha -sajano goppa bolta?sir khoma korban jodi kono kasta diya thaki. abni thakun amadar mona sudhu kobir suman hoya.

  39. interestingly i came by this blog while googling the song ‘premhin asshomoy’ by suman chatterjee and your letter instantly captivated my attention. hence, despite being too late, thought of dropping by. although I was born in the nineties, my parents being die hard fans of suman brought me up over a daily dose of suman’s song. I remember my dad singing to me “gan tumi hao amar meyer ghumiye pora mukh takiye thaki etao amar benche thakar sukh” when i was a kid. However, it was much later in my teens that I started feeling the lyrics of the songs and ever since then suman has been a part of my growing up. My college days were filled with singing “haal chherona”, “jatiswar”, “tomake chai” in the college canteen. Hailing from the sms and facebook generation, suman’s lyrics even featured in smses and status updates on several occasions. I was in my final year of college when I heard of suman’s decision to contest elections as a TMC candidate and I understand and share your rage. I remember my dad switching off the TV and exclaiming “er cheye or more jawao bhalo chilo”. Even I was haunted by the question “why” for days as what plagued me more was the question would this man now ever be able to sing “koto manush morle porle bolbe tumi seshe/ baddo beshi manush geche baaner jale bheshe”. My rage was further accentuated when I saw a parody of my favourite song in the newspaper screaming at me: “amaratwer protyasha nei nei kono dabi dawa/ ei naswar jibaner dabi sudhu vote tuku chawa”. His nandigram songs “janan dichhe ei jagoron laglo dhakka panchayete” further increased my disgust for the man who had once sang: “how many times will the ballot papers fly before they are forever banned”. Your letter thus ripped open the wound that had somewhat tried to heal with the man’s redemption when he confessed that entering politics was his biggest mistake. Yet the wound remains. However much i try to forgive him by accepting his changed position yet despite him speaking out against TMC corruption, despite him writing songs about chhatradhar, pinky pramanik, mary kom or the recent shiladitya episode, one question keeps haunting me: “suman er moto shrewd sangbadik ki janto na constitutional partyr choritro?” Hence the wound remains, and I can never forgive him that. I would still listen raptly to the man playing harmonium, guitar, piano at the same time, analysing salil chowdhury’s songs like a magician, demonstrating the history of bengali music while celebrating 20 years of ‘tomake chai’; yet something somewhere tells me the Prophet is dead. The vision is gone. The man who sang “kar tate ki amra jodi ei akaleo swapno dekhi” is lost forever. P.S: I see many have argued that it was quite natural for a person like suman to enter politics. yes perhaps its true. but for TMC? to oppose one regime, did he need to allign himself with the other extreme? I would have respected him if he had contested the elections as an independent candidate. But for the man who sang “ichhe holo ek dharoner swapno amar morbo dekhe biswa jure joutho khamar” alligning with TMC is unpardonable.

  40. Kabir Suman atleast TRIES to do good. He tried TMC and left them when he understood their actual character. I think bigbangbong that your mindset has changed after knowing the latests about our Bengal politics…

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