To save my day

On idle sundays
Of hot summers
Whirling sound of fan
Newspaper flapping dully
Dog snoring gently by my feet
Your  refreshing presence
To save my day
From futility
Is all I want

On busy days
mindless chatters of people
mad rush of work
churning out of emails
Deadlines and dead souls
Calling it a day
In your comforting arms
Is all I want


Keep burning..

I wish I can open my heart
But, I am tied by the void of time
As sterile as ashes,
I lay still
Is it the same heart
inflamed in love?
The facts grew stronger
The magic blotted out
Are you disappointed by this?
I sometimes try
To write a line
of my cheesy love poetry
To enkindle my belief
That you were not meant
To be snuffed out
So easily
Keep burning in my heart