Secret herd gives low-fat milk

moo1.jpgSkim milk naturally available and butter spreadable straight from the fridge!! Sounds convenient..isn’t?

Some cows in New Zealand yield milk with significantly lower fat content than that from other cows due to a particular genetic mutation. Scientists identified that these cows were bred from a single female cow, named Marge. They plan to breed herds of these low-fat milkers, which is likely to begin commercially by 2011. It also has high omega3 oils content, claimed to improve brain power.

Marge was discovered in 2001 when Fonterra’s researchers bought her from her owner for $330 and moved her to a secret location. (via)

An extra advantage of this milk is that butter obtained from it is spreadable straight from the fridge, like margarine. Low saturated fats content of this milk imparts this unique characteristic.

According to Komorowski, technical director at Dairy UK, (via)

“If you can genetically produce milk without fat then that may turn out to be a very good solution to what might later be a big disposal issue,”

Experts say that this new discovery has the potential to completely revolutionize the dairy industry.

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Timeless beauties – Women in Art and Film

Women In Art by Eggman913

A mesmerizing video portraying 500 years of females in Western Art. Cool neat morphing between the images. The creator of the video did a good work of encapsulating different styles which make the presentation more interesting. Sometimes the transition creates interesting effects.

Women In Film by Eggman913

Another one showcasing 80 years of female portraits in cinema.

Follow the eyes for an enchanting effect! 🙂

Pani puri funds Infosys dreams

I came across this touching and inspiring article on newspaper today morning. Perfect example of the well-known saying “Where there is a will, there is a way”. Need not say more, just read on..

The wife of a poor pani puri vendor has become a software engineer in Infosys, thanks to her husband’s support. Sheik Salar, 26, a street hawker, used every rupee he earned to help his wife Fatima Bibi Sheik, 21, achieve her academic ambitions. And it was not in vain. Fatima completed her course at Gayatri Vidya Parishad College of Engineering with high marks and was given a plum posting by the software giant in a campus selection.

In fact, she is the first student from the college to get into Infosys. Fatima and Salar stay in a slum at Rajendranagar. While Fatima went to college, Salar roamed around the city with a pushcart selling puffed rice, corn, chilli bhajjis and pani puri, earning Rs 150 per day. When she was married off to her distant relation Salar by her parents in 2001, Fatima was just 15 and felt that she would never achieve her dream of being a software engineer.

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In dino dil mera from Life in a metro

Alvida was fabulous and my first favorite from “Life in a Metro”. But in dinon, I’m loving “In dinon dil mera” 😀 . IMO this song left more lasting impact than the rest of the songs of the movie. Lyrics by Syed Quadri are beautifully done with simple words.

Just when I was wondering if Pritam went plagiarism-free this time, I saw on ITWOFS (Inspirations in Indian Film Songs!) that he used a line “Do dilon ki ijazat, mera naam hai mohobbat” from Pakistani singer Waqar Ali’s ‘Mera naam hai mohabbat’….Old habits die hard. 😉

Well it will be harsh to say that it is a plagiarized song, considering that the similarity is just in one line and rest of the composition is his own and awesome.

Quoting from ITWOFS

Considering the similarity with the use of the words ‘Ijazat’ and ‘Mohobbat’, this interview with Pritam seems significant in nailing the culprit! Pritam says, “Anurag (Basu, Director of Metro) was humming something like ‘ijazat’ and ‘mohabbat’ and said that he wanted a song with those words. Just for fun (sic) sake I made the ‘mukhda’ and ‘antara’ and Anurag liked it…..!”. So, was Anurag humming Waqar’s song?

Listen to In dino | Mera naam hai mohobbat

Soham Chakraborty is one lucky newcomer singer who got a chart-topping number in just his second song. Earlier too, Pritam gave breaks to Zubeen, James, etc. Thanks to Pritam, we get to hear new refreshing voice in a music industry infested by Himmy’s vocal who thinks that anything in higher scales is soulful and Sufiesque.

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Biocomputer, the molecular doctor

Imagine a “biocomputer” inside your body monitoring what’s going on inside, identifying the unhealthy cells, and even releasing treatment dose. Thanks to researchers at Harvard and Princeton Universities, one day this may come true!!

BiocomputerScientists have devised a tiny “biocomputer”, which can one day be implanted in human cells to monitor their activities and characteristics. Composed of only genetic materials, these “molecular doctors” hold the promise of revolutionizing medicine by targeting only diseased cells or tissues, leaving healthy ones completely unaffected.

These “biocomputers” are designed to detect anything from the presence of a mutated gene to the activity of genes within the cell using Boolean logic. To create a “molecular computer” capable of making decisions is a big challenge in itself and getting them to work in human cells is likely to be even trickier.

Primary goal involves injecting human cells with DNA to determine if a cell is cancerous or otherwise diseased. If disease is detected, the DNA might trigger an accurate treatment dose in response. As of now, researchers are in the testing stage of turning DNA into versatile computers (published online at Nature Biotechnology very recently).

Cells have short interfering RNA (siRNA) molecules which recognize corresponding DNA sequences in genes, causing them to shut down. This system is based on the process RNA interference (RNAi).



An informative short video. Makes one aware about recycling electronics responsibly. Hmmm if only electronic products were more environment-friendly and biodegradable… 😐

The Basel Action Network, who contributed documentary footage to this video, compiled a list of Responsible Recyclers that will not export your old computer. Check out their list here.