Secret herd gives low-fat milk

moo1.jpgSkim milk naturally available and butter spreadable straight from the fridge!! Sounds convenient..isn’t?

Some cows in New Zealand yield milk with significantly lower fat content than that from other cows due to a particular genetic mutation. Scientists identified that these cows were bred from a single female cow, named Marge. They plan to breed herds of these low-fat milkers, which is likely to begin commercially by 2011. It also has high omega3 oils content, claimed to improve brain power.

Marge was discovered in 2001 when Fonterra’s researchers bought her from her owner for $330 and moved her to a secret location. (via)

An extra advantage of this milk is that butter obtained from it is spreadable straight from the fridge, like margarine. Low saturated fats content of this milk imparts this unique characteristic.

According to Komorowski, technical director at Dairy UK, (via)

“If you can genetically produce milk without fat then that may turn out to be a very good solution to what might later be a big disposal issue,”

Experts say that this new discovery has the potential to completely revolutionize the dairy industry.

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