Manish Pitambare and Sanjay Dutt

I received this as a chain mail, normally I delete those kind of stuff, sometimes even without reading it – but this one is different…………..

By the time you read this news, the body of Major Manish Pitambare, who was shot dead at Anantnag, would have been cremated with full military honors.

On Tuesday, this news swept across all the news channels ’Sanjay Dutt relieved by court’. ’Sirf Munna not a bhai’ ’13 saal ka vanvaas khatam’ ’although found guilty for possession of armory, Sanjay can breath sigh of relief as all the TADA charges against him are withdrawn’ Then many personalities like Salman Khan said ’He is a good person. We knew he will come out clean’. Mr Big B said “Dutt’s family and our family have relations for years he’s a good kid. He is like elder brother to Abhishek”. His sister Priya Dutt said “We can sleep well tonight. It’s a great relief”

In other news, Parliament was mad at Indian team for performing bad; Greg Chappell said something; Shah Rukh Khan replaces Amitabh in KBC and other such stuff. But most of the emphasis was given on Sanjay Dutt’s “phoenix like” comeback from the ashes of terrorist charges. Surfing through the channels, one news on BBC startled me. It read “Hisbul Mujahidin’s most wanted terrorist ’Sohel Faisal’ killed in Anantnag , India . Indian Major leading the operation lost his life in the process. Four others are injured”.

It was past midnight, I started visiting the stupid Indian channels, but Sanjay Dutt was still ruling. They were telling how Sanjay pleaded to the court saying ’I’m the sole bread earner for my family’, ’I have a daughter who is studying in US’ and so on. Then they showed how Sanjay was not wearing his lucky blue shirt while he was hearing the verdict and also how he went to every temple and prayed for the last few months. A suspect in Mumbai bomb blasts, convicted under armory act…was being transformed into a hero.

Sure Sanjay Dutt has a daughter; Sure he did not do any terrorist activity. Possessing an AK47 is considered too elementary in terrorist community and also one who possesses an AK47 has a right to possess a pistol so that again is not such a big crime; Sure Sanjay Dutt went to all the temples; Sure he did a lot of Gandhigiri but then………..

Major Manish H Pitambare got the information from his sources about the terrorists’ whereabouts. Wasting no time he attacked the camp, killed Hisbul Mujahidin’s supremo and in the process lost his life to the bullets fired from an AK47. He is survived by a wife and daughter (just like Sanjay Dutt) who’s only 18 months old.

Major Manish never said ’I have a daughter’ before he took the decision to attack the terrorists in the darkest of nights. He never thought about having a family and he being the bread earner. No news channel covered this since they were too busy hyping a former drug addict, a suspect who’s linked to bomb blasts which killed hundreds. Their aim was to show how he defied the TADA charges and they were so successful that his conviction in possession of armory had no meaning. They also concluded that his parents in heaven must be happy and proud of him.

Parents of Major Manish are still living and they have to live rest of their lives without their beloved son. His daughter won’t ever see her daddy again. Finally Major Manish, to my generation is a greater hero, someone who laid his life in the name of this great nation.

So guys, please forward this message around so that the media knows which news to give importance, as it is a shame for us since this Army Major’s death news was given by a foreign TV channel!!!


38 thoughts on “Manish Pitambare and Sanjay Dutt

  1. Very true. If I had not read your blog, I would not have known this. Media also has its vested interest- even when the adobe CEO son was kidnapped, the parents of Noida children(Nithari killings) tried to get their attention but could not do so. It is sad but true- the law and the media too is for the rich. The media should try and cover the humble Jesica lalls as well. This is where the bloggers community and the media can work together. The bloggers should make the requisite noise together till the media responds.

    Great post. Keep it up.

    1. materialistic world insensitive state organs including judiciary who only look at the importance of the person and not the issue. A nation with history of slavery with every possibility of slipping back into it unless we demand change in leaders media and judiciary who may be hands in glove

  2. It is a pathetic state of affairs when we hear about the loss of a soldier in the service of our nation through BBC, while local channels pay scant attention. Blame it on the malnutrition of surfeit – when you have too much food, one’s more likely to eat junk (look at the US – India is catching up too). And what about the craze surround Shilpa Shetty – look no further for a demonstration of the power of mass media. Makes one hanker for the days of “ONLY DD” – at least we got the news that mattered, however boringly delivered.

  3. Its evident that the news channels have lost the integrity and credibility they once had. They have become synonymous to any downgrade entertainment channels dishing out spicy stories and providing fodder to the gossip mongers. They dont even shy away from showing the repeat telecast of ‘BIG BOSS’ at the cost of relevant issues and incidents which go unnoticed. Please dont sell news

  4. I think we need to assess Sanjay’s case more objectively instead of getting sucked into an emotional wave. Their might have been media hype around his case, but there was a hype even when he was put behind bars a few yrs back. So was that decision incorrect too??

    I trust the Indian judicial system to not make a judgement under media pressure.


  5. I am very sad at the degradation of today’s Indian media.I sympathise with the family of Major Manish H Pitambare who only know what how big the lose is.

  6. I don’t understand what is wrong with us. Why people are reacting so easily without verifying the authenticity of the mail. I would highly appreciate, if somebody could provide me a trust-worthy source for the mail at my mailid :, (if the mail is really true).

    Guys, we have a tendency of going with the wind instead of applying our own mind. The channels show their programs based on the taste of the audiance. For this, they periodically conduct the surveys or polls. We also make the calls and discuss the cricket stratigies with the cricket experts hired by the various news channels.

    My advice to my readers is to use your own brains instead of getting fooled by these mails, channels, and the politicians.


    Army major, Hizb terrorist killed in Kashmir encounter


    An obituary for Major Manish Pitambare

    Major Manish Hiraji Pitambare, a specialist in hostage rescue operations from 3 Para (special forces), in turn, died while saving the life of his partner who was seriously wounded during an anti-terrorist operation in Anantnag district on November 27. “Major Pitambare participated in four Army operations and led high-risk missions to neutralise seven terrorists and also rescue three civilians,” said an officer.


  8. Great Job!!. I could n’t do the same as most of the sites are blocked in my company. Though, I still stick to my point, we should verify the authenticity before spreading such mails.

  9. Its shameful on the part of media.
    They can show even PRINCE for 3-4 days (A small boy caught in whole)…..on News channels but getting space for such a brave soldier looks like difficult….
    I dont know, what we should do, but can we make them realize about our anger….may be we can send the mails to there CEO or MD’s….getting their email ids is not a big problem. We can forward the similar mail to them….with same subject line.

  10. India sucks. We have criminals as Netas, the corrupt as our judges and fools for public. Every agency just specialises in cheating the common man and deadening any little sensibility that is left.

  11. its really sad on indian media’s part that sanjay dutt means more to them than an indian soldier fighting for the nation.i pity on the ppl who give their lives just for these bastards who dont even bother to shed some tears for them.all these channels have so much intense competetion among themselves that they air only those shows which can bring them huge number of will a common man who lost his son in the war,appeal to them.i wish some of these terrorists should go nd kill these media persons instead of innocent i will seriously explode away if this continues to happen.god knows wht is going to be the future of this country.INDIA really SUCKS.

  12. We are proud for this immortal soul.This is the definition of an Indian.Are we Indians?? Do we show this commitment and love for this country??
    Its high time to think,otherwise there would be no India tomorrow which would give us the oppurtunity to call ourselves Indian.

  13. This is what India is becoming… Our new channels is worried about our actors and stupid India cricket team. I should tell you now a days no news channel is worth seeing. They have 30 mins discussion about Ash and Abhishek wedding… I feel its always better to our old radio news…. atleast they have not changed to this level….

  14. We all salute u Manish.

    Manish did not plead in front of the terrorists or God that his daughter was only 18 months’ old at that time as opposed to Dutt’s daughter of 18 years old who lives abroad!!! We lost him.

    Hate the media.

    Itz sad that his small daughter will never ever see him again.

  15. Although it may sound ironic, still its great that media does not cover incidents like these. The reason is media brings “undeserved attention” and creates more problem. The standard of media (if there is one) has gone to all time low. Indian media is commercialized to a far greater extent and is no longer a forum for stories like these.

    Moreover, guys like Manish Pitambre do their job; and will continue to do so; out of their internal call of duty, honor, respect and not for the ‘petty’ recognition from media.


  16. Yes… these days media is showing only useless News. All news channels are showing the news which are not important neither for the country nor for the public.

    They are showing PRINCE, MOvies reviews, Gossips, Snake dance, Fantacies BUT not a sigle channel give its time for our brave Soldiers.

    I M against the government REGULATIONS on private news channels BUT Government should make a law that every channel should show atleast 1 hour story on our Army, Police & other secrty agencies AT PRIME TIME.

    WE LOST SO MANY BRAVE SOLDIERS BUT NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT THEM. Major Manish is one of them and we should pay something to him & his family.

    OR WE SHOULD HAVE 24 HOURS ARMY CHANNEL dedicated only for defence personnel.

    We are having DD-Lok Sabha… why not we can have DD-Defence OR ARMY TODAY, Force 1, Brave Plus, or with any other name….just like Discovery channel????
    Media Groups Heads… pls think for this…. this will create a positive powers & nationality in our children as well as in the present generation.

  17. This is real pity! It a shame not only for the media but for the people as well! We are the ones who promote this kind of journalism. Jouranlists are as humans as all of us.

    Then there are people @Chitrank Gautam who would be having a Harward accent, lived their entire life outside India, wont have anyone in any form of Public service in India leave alone defence forces and say we need to AUTHENTICATE the news. On top if some one does, they still are not sure!

    I think the time has come that we should learn from the west atleast this part of it… One US/ British soldier dies or is wounded it is flashed all over for days! Here many die not a trace left

    Israel attempts to wipe out Lebanon for two captured soldies.. We talk when ours die!

    Our soldies don’t need sympathy or anything.. what they need is just a thank you

    Its time that we wake up!

  18. Major Manish Amar Rahe and may god give us 1% of his abilities to serve our great BHARAT in some way or the other do something worthwhile for the people of india who have all the right to have a good life, his is a selfless sacrifice to protect the great traditions of balidan laid down by great patriots like Bhagatsingh, sukhdeo, Rajguru for our nation. The media is only behind TRP ratings and cheap publicity and something larger than life which can make weak people change channels that’s all, they play with the sentiments of people. There is NO comparision between sanjay dutt and even a jawan from the army, countless army jawans, major, colonel have laid down their life’s for the country and who is sanjay dutt, he is just a ACTOR , he does not do anything for real… the law cannot spare him, it will take its own course and the law has to set independent standards for other celebrities to desist from such criminal acts in future.

    Jai hind

  19. I got the same forward mail and I ran a google search about Major Manish Pitambare. I learnt that Major Manish Pitambare was killed in Anantnag while saving the life of his partner in an operation against Mohammad Ashraf Shah, commander of the Hizb-ul-Mujahideen’s south Kashmir division on November 27th 2006. He was awarded the Kirti Chakra on 25th of January. If so, then all these newspaper dont need to run the piece on Ausgust 22nd 2007, the day Sanjay Dutt was released from prison.
    Before being judgemental, I think we need to examine the facts.

  20. Compare the dates here :
    Sanjay Dutt guilty under Arms Act, gets relief
    Tuesday, 28 November , 2006, 13:00

    Army major, Hizb terrorist killed in Kashmir encounter


    An obituary for Major Manish Pitambare

    Major Manish Hiraji Pitambare, a specialist in hostage rescue operations from 3 Para (special forces), in turn, died while saving the life of his partner who was seriously wounded during an anti-terrorist operation in Anantnag district on November 27. “Major Pitambare participated in four Army operations and led high-risk missions to neutralise seven terrorists and also rescue three civilians,” said an officer.

  21. hey thankd bigbangbong, I am a journalism student and when I received this mail recently, I thought I had a good story but then the mail did not mention any dates. So I assumed that it was the recent time. Thanks, you have returned a valuable point back to me. Cheers….

  22. I agree with you all that media was busy with publicising the wrong kind of news and promoting the wrong guy.But it is all too easy to blame media for this. Are we also not responsible? Are we really interested in stories that lies beneath the surface? Are we interested in knowing
    how our armymen are doing? Just try out a simple search on Indian army on google and find how many blogs are there. I believe two fingers will be enough to count all of them. And then try blogs on movie stars. God help you if you try to count all of them. The point I am trying to make is ‘media promotes only those kind of news and persons that their audience are interested in’.
    My point is We as a society have become very insensitive to our armies and taking our security for granted as lonfg as someone else is doing it.
    Another Point about the authenticity of Indian media: Is it an instance of old american style media management leading to a trial? A la O J Simpson trial..

  23. Hi
    I am writing this comment which is not just related to this incident but it’s what i feel after watching the Indian media from outside the country. Presently i am residing outside India so occasionally I try to watch Indian channels just to know what is happening in my country. I feel really ashamed of it. The media has totally lost its creativity. NO ATTENTION IS PAID TO THE KIND OF LANGUAGE THE REPORTERS SPEAK WHILE REPORTING ON A NATIONAL CHANNEL. Everybody is blindly running in the same direction.
    I understand that channels have to show high profile people but they have become so jaded that they don’t even think about giving the news some thought. Maybe think about the news from a different angle. Someone in the blog said “this is what audience want to see today” , my question to him would be have the people altogether stopped thinking, or nobody is any longer interested in his/her social well being.
    Tell me about one sensible news channel who are serious journalists and not out there to just get some cheesy news and make money.

  24. Mrs. Biswas

    Don’t you think, this is rather a global phenomenon? Why blaming only Indian channels?

    Isn’t Fox is the most popular channel in US? And any sane person will agree on the ‘foxy’ nature of their news!

    [ while covering the presidential campaign recently – they spent 20 minutes of prime-time news, discussing the dress-sense of the candidates!! One of the remark was “Hilary Clinton is finally showing some cleavage”!!! I was flabbergasted!! ]

    Paris Hilton’s arrest takes precedence over Iraq war even in CNN and CNBC.

  25. Mr. Bigbangbong,
    I agree with you. All the news channels you mentioned above do cover some useless news extensively but side by side they also show the war news and about the soldiers. They have some segments which shows how they live, fight etc. And basically i was not comparing Indian channels with any other international channels. I don’t care what the American broadcasters are doing but I’d like to see a better Quality of Indian news channels.
    CNN, CNBC , FOX etc may cover other things but have you ever noticed that they use a very refined and polished language. Don’t u feel that reporting community in India are just not paying enough attention to what they say or what they speak in the National channels. I would say that Doordarshan used to have a better quality presentation.

  26. the indian media is bullsh**. its more concerned in generating revenue from advertisers. news channels are mere business sources.
    keepup the goodwork webmaster.


  27. Shame on Indian media.They want TRP.There is limit to earn money.We all the youth of India salute our “brave indian soldiers”.We salute to major Pitambare.Now it is time to take oath of security of india from China and Pakistan.We do not know when China made bases in indian ocean,Tibet,Srilanka and Burma. Now our brave soldiers left our nation`s security.We youth of india decided that “we are protecting every territory of our country.We have to look our china border and Andaman and Nicobar islands.We decided that” We do not buy Chinese products”.We decided that we will continue this tradition of Indian armed forces.We are ready even prepare for cyber war to save our banking and security systems.Finally we take oath of recapture of “POK”(Pak occupied Kasmir) and aksai chin.This was the dream of Major Pitambare and many other soldiers from every war against china and Pak.

  28. India is on its way to become second America- where everything that is shown on T.V is twisted and changed and manipulated. Beware Indian people, the “elite” has started their planning for our nation. Everything will be revolved around celebrity’s life or focusing on “how bad muslims are”
    There are many criminals in and around the world, but none of there religions are mentioned when they are caught, but notice how they send ‘Islam’ on trial when something happens. Wake Up!

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