Leo Coffee TV Advertisement : Then and Now

2 versions of Leo Coffee’s TV Spot, one from early 90’s and the other one from 2006. Why I am blogging this? There are multiple reasons.

First, this is one of the jingle composed by Legendary A.R. Rahman.

Second, Arvind Swamy is one of the cast in the ’90s version, with a thin and geek look.

Third… oh well, why don’t you watch both first.

’90’s Version

2006 Version

I liked the fact the commercial kept the original music score and starting point. But it ends with a twist. Husband brings coffee for the culturally ‘Indian’ but with a ‘modern’ outlook (can use laptop!) wife. Cool!

Do you think the situation really changed from ’90’s?


2 thoughts on “Leo Coffee TV Advertisement : Then and Now

  1. It is really great to see and hear the Leo Coffee commerical on my laptop.
    I take this opportunity to salute the great souls like Mr. P R K Bhaskaran, Mr. P R K B Srinivasan and Mr P R K B Ernest for their dedicated work in bringing up this business with all sincerity, earnestness, faithfulness and dedication.
    It is a great family with rich human values and best human and interpersonal relations.
    May God continue to bless, guide and preserve the family and their offspring in the days to come as well.
    I am a person who would like to see LEO COFFEE grow and develop in to a global organisation providing the unique “Leo Coffee Taste” throughout the world.
    All best wishes,
    K. Jacob Samuel,

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