Story of a very special child, Ping Lian Yeak

Ping Lian is from Malaysia, born Nov.11, 1993. He is Autistic. From childhood, Ping Lian demonstrated poor fine motor control. In order to strengthen and develop Ping Lian’s fine motor skills, his home schooling co-curriculum included tracing and coloring activities. These activities also served as a way to fill his time since Ping Lian was unable to engage in play activities. Ping Lian also had very poor imitation skills, guiding him tracing and drawing stroke by stroke is one of the way to develop his imitation skill. Ultimately these activities became a catalyst for discovering his exceptional artistic talent. Ping Lian
From simple, childish sketches, Ping Lian’s style evolved into a more sophisticated level. His art work has been well-received by all quarters and many have commented on his unique, signature style. He works in charcoal, acrylic, water colour, ink, oil pastels and oil. He has participated in various solo and group exhibitions in Malaysia & abroad.

Ping Lian’s work, “Ubudiah Mosque I” which was donated for a November 2004 RDA charity auction in aid of the Riding for the Disabled Association, Malaysia, generated RMYR100,000.00 ($30,000. US) through an anonymous bidder.

In 2004, Ping Lian’s father died due to a sudden heart attack. Initially Ping Lian did not understand death. It took a while for him to finally realize that his father was gone forever – “long sleep”. In 2005, so soon after the loss of his father, Ping Lian’s 80 year old grandmother also passed away. Ping Lian was always very close to his grandmother who had lived with him since he was born. There was a special bond between them. This time, Ping Lian understood that his grandmother would be gone forever. The moment we arrived at the cemetery, he was very hyper and behaved in a very unusual manner. At the last moment of the burial ceremony he tried to stop people from burying his grandmother.

You can find more of Ping Lian’s paintings and drawings at his website!

April is Autism Awareness Month. Let us celebrate and focus on what autistic people can do, not what they can’t do and do not label them as DISABLED.


3 thoughts on “Story of a very special child, Ping Lian Yeak

  1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful post during Autism Awareness Month. We only have another 15 day to go until May when I’m hoping that so many more people will be willing to give these children an even break. Thanks again for your insight and help.
    Best wishes

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