New-age friendship

Most people cherish their age of innocence – their growing-up days.  Friends play a significant role in making those days memorable. You hold on to the memories but your friends keep on fading from your life. They may be life-long residents in your mind but unfortunately, most of us don’t seem to make a genuine effort to reach out to them. Or we get discouraged by failed attempt to connect to lost friend as before. With ever-growing distance and time, the wall between friends keeps building on its own to become an unbreakable barrier. Promises were made to meet again when you met your childhood friend(s) last. But, did you ever realize that it could be the last meet in your lifetime? Most of the time, meeting old friends again just remains a distant unrealized dream. Other priorities in life outstrip the dream and friendship is reduced to minuscule blips in the radar of life gradually.

When spirit-breaking daily grind wears you down and monotonous lackluster life bores you to no end, you crave for a change. You remember the carefree golden days spent with friends. You start looking for that pure friendship devoid of selfishness in people around you. You are on a look-out for simple pleasures of friendship. You understand perfectly that you won’t get it now because friendship is a something which gradually loses its meaning as one grows up. It is foolishness to expect true friendship in this self-absorbed generation. Still your subconscious mind keeps searching for it – only to get a taste of reality dose – time and time again. Life smirks at you – teaches you a lesson yet again – “Grow up! When will you learn? Friendship is seriously overrated!! ”


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