Donate $10, Blog, Twit.."Route Out of Poverty for Cambodian Children"

UPDATE (22/02/08) From Beth: America’s Giving Challenge Official Results: We Came In First! Thank You Everyone!

Literacy is key to education and jobs for poor children. It’s a route out of poverty. One of the The Sharing Foundation’s programs is its Khmer literacy school. It helps farm children learn their native alphabet and numbers well enough to attend elementary school. The Sharing Foundation’s English Language Program offers village students, ages 8-18, the opportunity to learn English, allowing them to obtain jobs in tourism and word processing. These students are so dedicated that some meet on their own to study on weekends. The literacy school runs three sessions a day for 130 children of Roteang village’s poorest families. Ten bilingual Cambodian college graduates teach English to 500 students in 19 sections offered daily after school hours at the village school.

Propagating Beth’s message :
We have a chance to win $50,000 – if we get the most number of unique
donors. Right now we’re in second place with 7 more days to go. I’m
reaching out to my network to ask if they will blog or twitter about
the campaign, ask their networks to contribute the minimum donation of
$10. The contest ends on January 31st.

A Story about one child

Donation here:

Campaign Wiki

You can donate, blog about the project, Twitter it, post it to your social network. DO something.

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