A happy BB to BBB!

If you can’t figure out the heading, lemme tell you-the first Bs stand for Blog Birthday and the second Bs for Big Bong Bang! Yeah today is our blog’s first Birthday!!!

A very happy blogiversary to us 🙂 My co-blogger started this blog with a zeal by a series of post and I was almost a non-contributing partner then 😛 . I had planned to post something special on this day, but poor me don’t have even time to breath these days. Just day before yesterday itself, my co-blogger was complaining to me for not blogging anything these day, but he is nowhere to be seen in blogosphere (and real world too) today. This little virtual celebration is incomplete without him, so am expecting at least a comment here. 😐

I am thankful to all those people who visit this blog or bumps to this blog and who leaves comments and also who prefer to be silent. Keep visiting 😀

BTW it’s my doggie’s bday too, so happy b’day to her too!!


One thought on “A happy BB to BBB!

  1. Whohoo! Happy 1st Blogoversary to Big Bang Bong! 🙂
    Here are some quick stats:

    1 Year
    Visitors : 38,271
    Posts: 102
    Tags: 32
    Comments: 323

    Spams : 7,588 😦 (thanks Akismet)

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