Lethal Chocolates

Are you concerned about clogging your arteries and weight gain due to your choco-holic nature? To scare you more 😉 here goes another piece of interestingly disturbing info!

According to British Security Service (MI5), during WWII German sabotage agents developed an exploding bar of chocolate that was intended to be smuggled into the homes of the Royals (most probably they were famous as choco-lovers too).


This yummy-looking choco-bar is actually a hand grenade. It’s made of steel with a thin covering of real chocolate! When the piece of chocolate at the end is broken, a strip of canvas is pulled out and after seven seconds – ‘Ka-boom’!  😈

None of the chocolate bars reached Britain but British Authorities did capture some in places as far away as in Turkey. According to the MI5 file “Camouflages for sabotage equipment used by the German sabotage services.” A secondary use for the proposed disguised chocolate bar was as an emergency hand grenade.

Via : Gizmodo


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