Decoding the future with genomics

Stumbled upon this interesting and persuading video of Juan Enriquez ‘s presentation at the TED conference from 2004 entitled “Decoding the future with genomics”. Juan talks about the need to utilize the Genomic data generated from the labs around the world and ended the presentation with views about knowledge-based economy determining the fate of nations. Here it goes:

Scientific discoveries, Juan Enriquez notes, demand a shift in code. The shift from cave paintings to hieroglyphics made possible the rise of Egyptian society, the pyramids, and the conquest of other peoples. The shift to binary code brought with it the era of computing and then the Internet, with vast implications for just about every area of human endeavor. Similarly, the rise of genomics has brought a shift in code toward the structure of life, with implications that are slowly revealing themselves. Enriquez argues that our ability to thrive in the culture created by this shift depends on our mastery of it, and companies whose futures lie with the intersecting fates of science, technology, and computing will do well to mind the knowledge gap — and not get swallowed up by it.

Juan is the author of the 2001 best seller “As the Future Catches You” and chairman and CEO of Biotechonomy, a life sciences research and investment firm.


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