Attack of LOLComentZ!

You must have heard of LOL Cats, if not, here goes a short intro –

Lolcats, a compound of lol (laughing out loud) and cat, are photos of cats with humorous captions. Lolcat images consist of a photo of a cat with a caption characteristically formatted in a sans serif font such as Impact or Arial Black. The caption is intentionally written with deviations from standard English spelling and syntax featuring strangely-conjugated verbs, but tend to converge to a new set of rules in spelling and grammar. Here goes one of my favorite LOLCat from I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?


NB: as in adorability hierarchy Geeks are not far down of the cats, LOLgeeks is practicing the same concept, replacing cats with Geeks! 🙂

Now – the REAL report

On March 27th, my co-blogger Tinkerbell posted Laari choote from Ek chalis ki last local, a post mentioning the new hit song from the movie Ek chalis ki last local with some cool info, lyrics and YouTube video of the song. It’s the most popular post of Big Bang Bong so far – with 6,600 view and 100+ comments (some comments were moderated out too). Some of the comments are really classy in both content and context. So I decided to make a comments hall of fame from that particular post. Buckle up for a crazy ride.

Short Punch:


What a linguistic zing! 😯

Don’t read the following comment loud, you might have to rush to bathroom!

just luv this song yaar need more song like thisssssssssss

I hope this one trying to give Neha 2 thumbs up, not expressing any wrong intention! 🙄

Neha dupia- she rocks!!!!!!!!!!!two thumbs for!!!!

Minimalistic and very scientifically posed comment

i it a very gud song n has lots of +ve energy …………

One of my personal favorite

hey tis song is my husbang nikhil’s fav song..he just listens to it.and tis song gets a smile on his face.i love tis song coz.he loves it.and ofcourse song wid great positive sprits and high energy stats.muaaa.amazingly good laari…..

Madam, congratulations to your ‘husbang’ for getting such a loving knife…I mean wife in his life; but please think twice before you consider having chill-dung…I mean chill-drain…damn…children actually.

Some are really confusing for my small brain! We couldn’t make head or tail of those comments and had to inform counter terrorist unit to decode. They seem to be clueless too! For example –

hey nyc song n a rily hot video….jus wantd 2 say tat ,,bi tc cya!!

Or this one

Wow! dis song iz heavy…….its vry meaningful i tke it……..does any1 knw how i can get da full song translation…….coz i knw da meaning iz as gud az da song itlsf…….da video is lyk soooo…….wateva…..newayz

Or this

hey nyc song n a rily hot video….jus wantd 2 say tat ,,bi tc cya!!

This one too

Heyyyyyyy i love di song i lissen to it ova and ova agen i toold mi cuzin abt it and now she duznt stop listening to it its just sooooo addictive i love da tune evn though i dunno wat it means i just like it sum1 tol me it meant suthing like uve left da train or suthing??? DUNOO!!!

We read it ova and ova again – but alas, couldn’t make any sense!

Few of the comments are really revolutionary! Like this one

i think dissong is boom, it sounds gr8, i think it shud b the india’s anthem, instead of the old 1 basically, cuz most of this song is in hindi and national anthem is in Sanskrit or something lyk that

After cluelessness – this one left me speechless! Only a picture can tell you about my true feeling after reading this one. Imagine this –


But the Number 1 of all is this – NO words can analyze this!!

awesOme traCkO .. =P
LUvie Duvie it .. =)
keep rOcking
caLL da banD ..
Regard’S ,


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