I’m fat – so what?!

An interesting and compelling video! People who are on the heavier side gonna like this for sure 😉 , especially those who have been trying to lose weight but still are unable to and are distressed about that. Life is not over if one is fat. Life shouldn’t revolve around weight, and one deserves respect and tolerance, irrespective of how much she (or he) weighs.

The video isn’t promoting that fat is healthy, instead the point is that fat people should stop hating themselves, feeling insecure about being fat and inspire people to love their body as it is.

Watch the video if you haven’t..

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One thought on “I’m fat – so what?!

  1. Yes – I watched the video and definitely liked it. I dont know why people have a wrong perception about those who are fat.. This should not only be watched by those who are fat but also those who think bad about those who are fat.. Hope people change their attitude towards this..

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