12 Days of Christmas : Indian Remix!

I am really ROFL now! 😆

A production of Boymongoose

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Boymongoose is an Indian Christmas Popstar who specialises in comedic remakes of all the classic Christmas Carols. As the lead singer of an Indian boy band, boymongoose takes aim at Insufficient Dowries, Internet Dating, Bollywood Hunks, Corrupt Child Sports Stars and Angels with amazing I.T. skills. Crossing styles from pop-rock to piano ballads to barbershop, few targets escape his debut Christmas in Asia Minor album.

Boymongoose is joined on the album by, without a doubt, the funniest Sri Lankan we could afford – Nishan Selvadurai (the artist currently known as Nish). The FHM award winning comedian brings his gifted mix of sketch, celebrity impersonations and one liners to emcee you through to the album’s bizarre conclusion.


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