I know you will come to me, one day

(Janina ke diyechilo …Kabir Sumon)

I don’t know who gave ‘palash’1 his nickname

I don’t know how dark a cloud should be, to see lord Krishna in it

I don’t know how many words it takes, to tell a story

I don’t know when the series of meaningless questions will end

Answer won’t come, but I know you will come to me, one day

I don’t know whose musical soul resides in ‘Tanpura’2

I don’t know if ‘Radhachuda’3 was the favorite flower of Radha

I don’t know if Krishna’s flute used to play in tribal tunes

I don’t know how to reach ‘Gokul’4, where is ‘Mathura’5

I don’t know if still sweet whispers float around during ‘Jhulan’6

Answer won’t come, but I know you will come to me, one day

I don’t know why world couldn’t understand the prayer of ‘Tathagata’7

I don’t know why Judas didn’t searched for Jesus with love

I don’t know if the assassins of the cruel world listen to music

I don’t know why ‘Lalan’s8 songs break the dam of my heart

I don’t know why music is not played on courts hearing

Answer won’t come, but I know you will come to me, one day

I don’t know why ‘Titumir’s9 name is not in the history of barricade

I don’t know why ‘Ramprasad’s10 devotional songs keep humming within me

I don’t know why I never learned farming

I don’t know if the bare land of my mind could yield any grains

I don’t know why a simple tune moisten my eyes

Answer won’t come, but I know you will come to me, one day

I don’t know love get stained with time

I don’t know why my heart keeps walking restless at nights

I don’t know meaning of which words changes with time and place

I don’t know why always I believe still there is time…

I don’t know why Guitar is the capital of my love

Answer won’t come, but I know you will come to me, one day

  1. Palash: a flower of Bengal, Butea frondosa (Flame of the Forest)

  2. Palash

  3. Tanpura: musical instrument

  4. Tanpura

  5. Radhachuda / Radhachura : Another flower, same as Krishnachuda, but golden in color (Caesalpinia pulcherrima)


  6. Gokul/Goth: the place where Lord Krishna was brought up

  7. Mathura: the reputed birthplace of Krishna,

  8. Jhulan: the Radha-Krishna swing festival

  9. Jhulan

  10. Tathagata: Another name of Gautama Buddha

  11. Lalan : Lalan Shah or Lalan Fakir is universally acknowledged as the most famous among the Boul folk singers of all times. He is accepted as a ‘Siddha Purush (meaning one who has attained enlightenment of the highest order). He had substantial knowledge of the Vaishnabite faith and religion and simultaneously of Sufi cult and literature. His compositions still very popular among the singers and listeners and widely sung in the entire region of the present West Bengal and the erstwhile East Bengal, now Bangladesh, have greatly enriched the folk literature and the domain of poetry of the entire Bengal in both the spheres. He himself was and still remains a living example of unification of two faiths, Islam and Hinduism, a unique personification of equal love and respect for two apparently opposing religious concepts.

  12. Titumir: Was a rebel against the zamindars and British colonial system in 19th century Bengal, part of British India. He rebelled against the rich landlords and colonial British rulers and put up an impressive resistance. Along with his followers, he built a Bamboo fort (Bansher-Kella in Bangla) which passed into Bengali folk legend. After the storming of the fort by British soldiers, Titumir died of his wounds on November 19, 1831.

  13. Ramprasad Sen (1720-1781) was a Bengali song-writer and singer of Hindu devotional songs, specially Shyamasangit (Songs devoted to the goddess Kali). He is almost always referred to as Ramprasad, and his songs are known as Ramprasadi. Ramprasad’s life has been the subject of many mystical stories depicting his devotion to and relation with Kali.

    One of the songs

She’s playing in my heart.
Whatever I think, I think Her name.
I close my eyes and She’s in there
Garlanded with human heads.

Common sense, know-how-gone,
So they say I’m crazy. Let them.
All I ask, my crazy Mother,
Is that You stay put.

Ramprasad cries out: Mother, don’t
Reject this lotus heart You live in
Don’t despise this human offering
At Your feet.


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